Bachelorette Angie slams ex Timm's BIP antics: 'Don't know him'

He may have made it to Angie Kent’s final two on The Bachelorette last year but it’s now clear that runner-up Timm Hanly no longer holds a special place in the 30-year-old’s heart.

Newly single Angie admitted that she barely recognised her former flame after watching his antics on the 2020 season of Bachelor In Paradise.

Bachelorette star Angie Kent wearing a light blue denim jacket and blonde hair while winking at the camera
Bachelorette star Angie Kent has slammed her ex Timm Hanly following his stint on Bachelor In Paradise. Photo: Instagram/angiekent_.

“I don’t know him,” she revealed during a chat with Kyle and Jackie O on Wednesday morning.

“Timm was completely different to the person I fell for on [The Bachelorette],” she added.

Angie went on to say that she has ‘no idea’ what the 28-year-old is like today, suggesting that the two are very much no longer in touch.

When quizzed about her opinion of her other on-screen lover, Ciarran Stott, Angie’s response was similar, with the former Gogglebox star saying that she ‘didn’t know’ the Brit that she saw in Fiji.

Timm Hanly and Ciarran Stott shirtless at a bar on set of Bachelor In Paradise 2020
Timm and Ciarran got into hot water over their behaviour on BIP. Photo: Channel 10.


Angie speculated that the environment on the set of Bachelor In Paradise, as well as the boys’ newfound fame, might have contributed to Timm and Ciarran’s changed behaviour.

“[Timm and Ciarran had] just finished The Bachelorette, they've got their fifteen minutes, egos are huge, they're back with the boys,” she said.

Timm copped criticism for his treatment of Britt Hockley, who he persuaded to quit the show with him only to ‘ghost’ her shortly after they returned to Australia.

Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt pose for a selfie
Angie and Carlin called it quits in July, after almost a year of dating. Photo: Instagram/angiekent_.

Ciarran also landed himself in hot water after demanding that fellow contestant Jake Whyatt ask his ‘permission’ to go on a date with his ex, Renee Barrett.

Elsewhere in the chat, Jackie O asked if there was any truth to Carlin’s claims on a recent podcast that Angie and Timm’s texts post-show had led to their breakup.

“There was nobody else involved in our breakup... it has nothing to do with Timm at all,” Angie said.

She explained that she was always ‘very open’ with Carlin about how she ‘checked up’ on the other bachelors after filming wrapped, adding that she had lost contact with Timm in December 2019.

That’s despite earlier claims by Timm that his ex had slid into his DMs following her split with Carlin in July.

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