Bachelor winners Matt and Chelsie dogged by scandal

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Bachelor Australia winners Matt and Chelsie have been putting on a united front amid ongoing rumours. Photo: Instagram/Chelsie McLeod

They’ve been busy getting up to ‘normal couple’ activities like brunch and date nights since Matt Agnew made it official and chose chemical engineer Chelsie McLeod on last week’s Bachelor finale.

But while they only made their debut as an official couple a matter of days ago, the moment Matt first told Chelsie he loved her was months ago - and according to some reports, a lot has changed in that time.

Rocked by sex rumours?

According to an arguably very flimsy report in New Idea magazine this week, Chelsie took offence to rumours that Matt may have slept with a contestant while filming the Bachelor – despite runner-up Abbie claiming that would have been physically impossible.

“We don’t even get a minute with Matt off camera and there’s always someone next to us,” Abbie told the publication.

That’s a backstage reality viewers at home weren’t privy to, but it’s easy to see how fans could’ve jumped to conclusions given Abbie’s very racy on-screen romance with Matt.

Despite the practical obstacles standing in the way of the veracity of this rumour, New Idea claims it “would have undoubtedly left Chelsie shaken” and may have even “caused Chelsie to dump Matt”.

Abbie was caught up in a rumour that she slept with Matt on The Bachelor set, something she said would have been physically impossible. Photo: Ten

Dogged by breakup claims

This follows on from last week’s report that the pair may already have broken up, even suggesting that Matt may have done a Blake Garvey and moved on with another contestant.

An unnamed source told New Idea, “Since the finale, everyone has heard there’s been problem after problem. They (Matt and Chelsie) were just not seeing eye-to-eye on anything and didn’t have any chemistry. Once the cameras stopped rolling, the sparkle just wore off”.

Woman’s Day magazine is toeing the same line this week, with one of their cover stories claiming, “Yes! He’s with Elly”.

They cite “ongoing reports that Matt is no longer with the winner of the show”, as sparking speculation Elly has a chance to rekindle her spark with the astrophysicist – however, both of these ‘Blake Garvey’ reports seem to be nothing more than just that; speculation.

Rumours that Matt had done a Blake Garvey and dumped Chelsie for another Bachelor star are nothing more than speculation. Photo: Ten

Interestingly however, the breakup rumours were intense enough to spark a snarky response from Ten on the night of the finale when they posted a video of Matt and Chelsie looking loved up on a couch together.

“Oh, and for those asking if Matt and Chelsie are still together, here's a little video they filmed today, just for you!” the network’s official account tweeted on Thursday night.

Looking loved-up

Since then, the couple have been doing a good job of putting on a united front, telling media they are very much in love and still in a relationship in their radio and TV interviews.

They even told KIISFM that they slept together the night of the finale, with Chelsie saying, “We were just sitting on the couch making out and then we were like, f**k it, we’re doing it obviously.”

“I'm glad we had it a few times,” she continued, with shocked host Kyle Sandilands saying: “In one night!?”

A playful Matt then chimed in to add: “Before we get shipped back to Australia, we get to have one night together.”

What about Abbie?

While she was cast as the series’ villain, fans couldn’t help but rally around runner-up Abbie when she was dumped by Matt in South Africa.

It was clear the couple had incredible chemistry, and Abbie told Yahoo Lifestyle that she had felt reassured by Matt and the show’s producers that she would be the winner just a matter of hours before her heart was broken.

Matt and Abbie's chemistry was intense, and continued to be up until 11pm the night before she got dumped, Abbie said. Photo: Ten

“Our date was actually the day before the finale, it was the opposite order of how it was shown [in the episode],” Abbie revealed, “So I was with him at 11, 10 [pm] the night before”.

Matt gave her no reason to expect he wouldn’t choose her, she said, explaining, “He was completely fine with me, he didn’t back off at all. We were kissing off-camera, we were having cute moments off-camera, he was being his normal self.”

Not only that, but Abbie said the behind the scenes staff also led her to believe that she had it in the bag, “All of the crew were like, ‘you’ve got it,’ not just the producers but like everyone, and everyone was like, ‘he’s obsessed with you’,” she said.

To add insult to injury, the day after the finale aired, Abbie was scheduled in to do an interview at the Nova radio studios in Sydney at the same time Chelsie and Matt were also in the building, leading to a run-in that left the 23-year-old in tears.

“I was doing an interview with Smallzy and I turned and he said, ‘oh [Matt and Chelsie] are just behind you there,’ and I could see them in the adjacent studio,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle, “I crouched down and had a big cry in the hallway.”

The vibe was more light-hearted on Matt and Chelsie’s end, with the pair joking about the encounter while speaking to Nova hosts Fitzy & Wippa.

“I spotted her [Abbie] from afar and quickly...” Matt trailed off, before Chelsie said, “He bolted!”

Despite all the speculation and rumours surrounding Matt and Chelsie, the couple seem determined to put all the scandal behind them.

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