'I cried in the hallway': Abbie spills on her 'horrible' post-finale run-in with Matt

Abbie Chatfield has experienced an unexpected and awkward run-in with Bachelor Matt Agnew one day after he dumped her on national TV.

The ‘horrible’ encounter happened at Nova studios in Sydney on Friday morning, where Abbie was a guest on Smallzy’s show.

Unbeknownst to her, Matt and his winner, Chelsie McLeod, were also on-site to chat with Fitzy & Wippa in the studio right next door.

Just hours later, Abbie opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle about the traumatic ordeal that left her in tears.

“I was doing an interview with Smallzy and I turned and he said, ‘oh [Matt and Chelsie] are just behind you there,’ and I could see them in the adjacent studio,” she explains.

“I crouched down and had a big cry in the hallway,” she reveals.

“I haven’t spoken to him at all and I would love to have a conversation with him but I just don’t think that’s going to happen,” she says.

Matt savaged for brutal Abbie break up. Photo: Channel 10.
The moment Matt broke Abbie's heart in the Bachelor finale. Photo: Channel 10.

Matt ‘bolts’ after spotting Abbie

It appears that Matt doesn’t feel the same way about having a chat with Abbie.

In fact, when he spotted his ex-flame at Nova he quite literally ran the other way.

“I spotted her from afar and quickly...” he trailed off when Fitzy & Wippa quizzed him about the ‘awkward’ situation currently unfolding.

“He bolted!” Chelsie piped up, making them all erupt in laughter.

Meanwhile, just on the other side of the glass wall, Abbie watched on.

“Holy sh*t,” she exclaimed after catching sight of her ex, before adding, “I’m fine!”

“That is the most horrible thing I have ever experienced in my life,” she told Smallzy.

Abbie Nova reacts. Photo: Twitter.
Fans react to Nova's 'shady' move. Photo: Twitter.

Fans slam Nova’s ‘shady’ move

Smallzy claimed that Nova hadn’t planned the run-in, saying, “I don’t know why they booked this”.

But fans on Twitter were not buying it, slamming the station for their “shady” behaviour.

“I wasn’t an Abbie fan but that wasn’t cool - a station banner to block the view maybe. Poor thing!” wrote one.

“No way in hell that wasn't planned, and that's shady AF,” added another.

Nova did not organise the scheduling of The Bachelor contestants, a spokesperson later told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Matt has also copped flack himself post-finale, with many viewers up in arms over his brutal on-screen breakup with Abbie.

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