Osher defends racy Bachelor scene amid fan outrage

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

Controversial The Bachelor Australia contestant, Abbie Chatfield, had Twitter up in arms last night, after her racy date with Matt Agnew saw things get hot and heavy between the pair on a secluded Sydney beach.

Fans of the show were pretty shocked at what they called ‘soft porn’, which aired before the watershed on Channel 10, with Matt and Abbie rolling around together in their swimwear.

Last night's episode of The Bachelor saw things get hot and heavy between Abbie and Matt. Photo: Channel 10

However, the host of the show, Osher Günsberg, has come out in defence of the 23-year-old from Queensland, saying she was merely expressing her sexuality.

“I've been doing this job a while now. Tweeting every episode that goes to air. And I am always interested to see how a strong woman powerfully expressing her sexuality makes so many people so uncomfortable,” the 45-year-old wrote.

Other Twitter fans of the show quickly responded to Osher’s tweet, with one person saying they have no problem with Abbie expressing her sexuality, but “there’s nothing empowering or liberated about either a man or a woman acting like that”.

Fans were quick to slam the couple for their antics, which was aired before the watershed. Photo: Channel 10

“Osh, if a guy was telling the Bachelorette that he was horny and wanted to have sex with her, I’d be equally uncomfortable. It has nothing to do with her being a strong woman expressing herself and everything to do with a lack of class and decorum,” another person said.

“The fact that I just had to watch what was essentially a porn intro over dinner is why it makes me uncomfy,” a commenter said.

Fan winner theory

On Tuesday, a fan theory that ‘exposed’ Chelsie McLeod, 28, as the winner of Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor went viral, sending viewers into a spin.

However, with less than a day before Thursday’s grand finale, Channel 10 seemingly came back swinging in an effort to disprove rumours that chemical engineer Chelsie wins 32-year-old astrophysicist Matt’s heart.

Abbie captioned a new snap of the final three, 'Couldn’t have done any part of this without these angels'. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

Does Chelsie win The Bachelor?

Eagle-eyed viewers became convinced that Matt picks Chelsie after looking back at photos of the final three contestants from several previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

In those select pics, fans noticed a trend in the positioning of the eventual winner - he or she was consistently pictured front-and-centre.

In the latest snap, the network has reordered the women, positioning Helena, 25, in the centre, with Abbie on her right and Chelsie on the left.

Is Channel 10 trying to throw us off the scent, or is the last-minute switch-up just a coincidence?

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