Bachelor star shares terrifying home intruder story

Bachelor star Matthew 'Matty J' Johnson has revealed the terrifying moment a man entered his home last week, with the reality star revealing how worried he was for his daughter Marlie, who turns one later this month.

Speaking on his podcast The Babble, Matty told his producer and co-host Ruby Teys, "Friday night, we go to bed, it's like any other night. In the middle of the night Laura rolls over, she grabs me and goes, 'Someone's in the house!'

Bachelor star Matty J with Laura Byrne and daughter Marlie
Bachelor star Matty J has revealed the terrifying moment someone broke into his house. Photo: Instagram/matthewdavidjohnson

“I hear footsteps and I hear the front door shut – which I can see from my bed. And I instinctively think, 'Sh*t, Marlie, she's in trouble!' So I hop out of bed and luckily I'm wearing underpants, normally I sleep naked, I start running, I run, I open the door there's a big man standing there he's wearing black beanie, black jacket, black boots and I grab him."

He continued, "I'm about to start laying into him because my adrenaline is just going through the roof, and he then starts saying 'I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, it was an accident! It was an accident!"

The man explained that he had been at party on the floor above and his drunken state thought Matty's door was the exit.

The presenter revealed that he and partner Laura Byrne normally don't mind if their front door is unlocked because there's two security doors you need to get through before you're in the building.

"I'm shaking, because my adrenaline is pumping so much and I'm like 'Do I call the police, what do I do?' So, then I was just like I guess I'll just let this guy go.

"So, he had just come in and I think he thought it was the exit, he's taken four steps and been drunk because it was 3 a.m. after a party and he's gone like 'Oh god, this isn't the exit!' Not knowing that I was going to hop up like a bloody hero and chase him down the hallway in my undies and wrestle him to the ground," he joked.

Thank goodness it wasn't anything sinister!

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