Matty J lifts the lid on Bachelor contracts after Matt and Chelsie's split

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He found love in 2017 with Laura Byrne on The Bachelor, with the couple welcoming their baby daughter, Marlie-Mae Rose Johnson into the world in June. 

And now Matty J has revealed how upset he is that fellow Bachelor stars, Matty Agnew and Chelsie McLeod, didn’t get their own happy ending, after they announced two weeks ago that they were parting ways. 

Matty J has spoken out about Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod's split. Photo: Getty Images

In a candid chat with Natalie Bassingthwaighte on their podcast, The Babble, the 32-year-old also opened up about The Bachelor contract and exactly what’s in them. 

Matty said he is “gobsmacked” that they didn’t make it as a couple, but did think the timing of their breakup - just days after Angie Kent picked her winner, Carlin Sterritt - was “a little bit strategic”. 

“Obviously there’s a contract for being on the show but that contract mainly states that you can’t take advantage of being on the Bachelor franchise, you can’t use the Bachelor or Bachelorette name to make more money,” Matty told Nat on the show. 

“Hand on heart there’s nothing in there that states you have to be with that person you choose for a certain amount of time. Pretty much after the finale happens you do all your media, you’re then released out into the wild and Channel 10 kind of wave you off and say good luck all the best. “

Matty went on to say that there’s a two or three month gap between when the show finishes filming and when the finale is actually aired in Australia. 

“You only get to see each other once every three of four weeks at most and so your relationship can’t really progress in that time,” he continued. 

“You’re kind of in this weird stalemate position”.

When he and Laura did the media rounds right after their finale episode aired in 2017, he revealed it had been four-and-a-half weeks since they’d seen each other. 

Speaking about Matt and Chelsie, he said he saw the writing on the stars for their relationship due to the astrophysicist’s bizarre trip to the UK straight after the finale. 

"The weird thing with Matt and Chelsie is, straight after the finale happened, he went away, he went to the UK. Maybe Matt didn't realise how important that moment is  because you can finally get to be together and have that relationship out in public,” he said. 

Matty also said he thought it was strange that the couple pulled out of the Melbourne Cup at the last minute on November 5th. 

“We were at Melbourne Cup and I was really excited about seeing Matt and Chelsie,” he said. 

“And we went down to the Channel 10 marquee and we spoke to one of the publicists and we said ‘Hey is Matt and Chelsie here?’ And they said ‘Actually they’re not coming anymore’, And we didn’t know if it was because something else popped up but there was a thought in my mind that maybe they’re not together.”

Matt and Chelsie’s shock split 

Fans of Matt and Chelsie were left shocked when the former lovebirds announced that their relationship has come to an end, just weeks after we watched them declare their love for each other on the Channel 10 show. 

“Our relationship hasn't translated from filming to the real, every day world as we had hoped,” Matt told followers.

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