The Bachelor 2020: Locky reportedly paid '$100k' to find love

The revelations just keep on coming during this season of The Bachelor, with main man Locky Gilbert’s rumoured TV salary being leaked the same day his top four women were exposed in a Zoom call fail.

The Survivor-turned-Bachie star is reportedly pocketing a six-figure cheque for his appearance on the Channel 10 show, an ‘insider’ told Hit FM’s Tom & Olly on Friday.

Locky Gilbert wearing a suit on set of The Bachelor Australia 2020
Locky Gilbert is reportedly being paid '$100k' to find love according to an inside source. Photo: Channel 10 (supplied).

According to the woman — who Tom and Olly call ‘Eliza’ — Locky, 30, is likely being paid a cool $100,000 for the three-month shoot.

“I think it’s probably around the hundred [thousand] mark,” she said.

When quizzed by the hosts on whether the pay was ‘good’ by industry standards, Eliza didn’t hold back.

“It’s good when you’re a nobody and you’re there for three months and you get to hook up with people!”


‘Higher-end’ celebrities such as Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins, however, can command significantly more, she added.

“We’re looking at a couple of hundred [thousand].”

While it’s unclear how much the bachelorettes are paid for their time on the show, a contestant from Matt Agrew’s 2019 season has revealed that the living conditions in the mansion are less than luxe.

“You’re crammed in bedrooms sleeping on bunk beds like at school camp. People walk around naked,” the unidentified former star said.

She also claimed that some of the women would ‘hide food in their shoes’ because ‘luxury items’ such as chocolate were only available on weekends.

Channel 10 has been contacted for comment.

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