Bachelor's Juliette risks wardrobe malfunction in plunging gown

Kristine Tarbert
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Despite another drama-filled cocktail party on The Bachelor on Wednesday night, viewers were left completely distracted by one contestant’s eye-popping dress choice.

Juliette Herrera and her ‘ample assets’ completely stole the show during the cocktail party, leaving very little to the imagination and sending Twitter into a complete meltdown.

bachelor australia juliette cocktail gown
Viewers couldn't take their eye off Juliette's gown. Photo: Channel Ten

The 34-year-old stylist looked stunning in her green shimmering gown, yet some wondered whether the low cut was leaving her vulnerable to a possible wardrobe malfunction.

“Juliette's boobs are the only thing that deserve a rose tonight,” one person quipped online.

“Wardrobe, please find a dress for Juliette that fits,” another person said.

While a third wrote: “The hero of tonight’s #TheBachelorAU is the tape holding Juliette’s breasts within her dress.”

Photo: Channel Ten
Photo: Channel Ten
Photo: Channel Ten
Photo: Channel Ten

Juliette was certainly the centre of some discussion during the episode, but the exact reason why remains a complete mystery for many viewers.


During the cocktail party, Roxi - who had come back with a rose after a successful group date with Bachelor Locky - was inconsolable, claiming Juliette was spreading rumours about her.

bachelor juliette
Juliette found herself at the centre of some cocktail night drama. Photo: Channel Ten

Viewers haven’t been able to put their finger on why or where Roxi’s worry came from, leaving them wondering whether a prior conversation hadn’t made it to air.

“I am honestly so confused. Have we missed the lead up to this Roxy/Juliette beef? WHAT HAPPENED???” one person asked.

“Serious, genuine question: Why is Roxy SO MAD at Juliette because I still have no clue?” another added.

The Bachelor Australia 2020 continues on Channel Ten on Thursday at 7:30pm.

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