Bachelor runner-up Brooke Cleal hard-launches girlfriend in emotional post

After having her heart broken by Jimmy Nicholson, Brooke Cleal has debuted her new relationship.

The Bachelor's Brooke Cleal had her heart broken by Jimmy Nicholson in 2021, but she's now found happiness with her new partner, Alyssa Viktoria.

The 29-year-old reality star took to Instagram to hard-launch her relationship with her girlfriend, nearly two years after being dumped by Jimmy in the Bachelor finale.

Brooke Cleal and girlfriend Alyssa Viktoria
Brooke Cleal has debuted her new relationship on Instagram. Photo:

"This post is not only about opening up about one of the most loving, liberating, empowering relationships, but also the struggles I have experienced behind the scenes and the progression I’ve made within myself and my sexuality in the last two years," Brooke opened the Instagram post with.

"I’ve been so torn between excitement and fear for months, mostly worried of rejection and scrutiny for the second time in my life. The suppression of my feelings caused sleepless nights and significant frustration and questions."


Brooke then went on to say she's been asked by people if she knew about her sexuality before going on The Bachelor.

"People have asked me if I knew about this before the show - the truth is perhaps it was always there without acknowledgement, understanding or exploration," she wrote.

She ended the post with a sweet shoutout to her girlfriend Alyssa.

"I’ve found someone to slow down with and share something so real. @alyssaviktoria_ you inspire me every single second of the day and I’m so in awe of you!"

Fans and fellow Bachie alumni were quick to comment on Brooke's post.

Brooke Cleal pictured with Jimmy and Brooke Cleal pictured with girlfriend
Brooke Cleal was left broken-hearted when Jimmy Nicholson dumped her in the Bachelor finale. Photo: Ten/


"Love love LOVE this," Alisha Aitken-Radburn wrote, while both Glenn Smith and Chelsie McLeod left emojis.

"How wonderful it is to be able to be yourself," Bachelorette contestant Holly Langford commented.

"Also I’m surprised more Bachie contestants haven’t come out. If anything is gonna put you off heterosexual dating, the experience on the show might," one person commented, with Brooke replying in agreement.

Brooke's girlfriend, Alyssa, also commented on the post.

"Obsessed and in awe right back at you my girl," she said.

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