Bachelor's Jimmy Nicholson reveals bizarre wedding hack to prevent crying

EXCLUSIVE: The season nine Bachelor star spills on his wedding to Holly Kingston.

Just over two years after meeting on The Bachelor, Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston have officially tied the knot.

The pair got married on Saturday in an intimate ceremony at Jimmy’s family home in Palm Beach, becoming the seventh couple from the reality TV franchise to walk down the aisle.

The Bachelor’s Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston getting married.
The Bachelor’s Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston got married on Saturday. Photos: Matrix/Supplied

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle less than 24 hours before his wedding last week, Jimmy admitted he was feeling “pretty chill” about the big day.

“We've got a whole team of people helping us,” he detailed. “I was a little bit reluctant about getting wedding planners and stuff but I'll tell you what, it’s paid dividends now.

“Yesterday we were a bit chaotic, but we’re pretty chill now. We had a nice walk this morning and just took some time off our phones and went and sat on the water and we saw dolphins, so I think that was a good omen for the future.”


The 33-year-old pilot went on to share that he and Holly had written “ninja vows” for their wedding to inject some personality into the ceremony.

“Holly and I, we’re pretty self-deprecating people and we like to take the piss out of each other,” he remarked. “Don't get me wrong, there will definitely be some lovey moments at the wedding, but the ninja vows are our little take on making the wedding less cliché where you promise the world to each other.

“We made sure with the vows that we had a good think about things that we actually want to promise and see through to each other, so we wrote our own vows. And then the ninja vows are things that we want the other person to promise to each other.

“I won’t give too much away about mine, but there may or may not be something about purchasing unnecessary motorbikes and for her to not pass any judgment on me. And I'm sure knowing Holly she'll have some pretty crafty vows for me to read out.”

Jimmy's bizarre wedding 'strategy'

In an effort to ensure he didn’t cry too much throughout the ceremony, Jimmy revealed he had a surprising “strategy” in place.

“I've been researching all morning ways to not cry because I'm going to be shocking,” he laughed. “I know it’s nice to cry and all that, but also I want to be able to read out my bloody speech and my vows.

“So I'm going to be taking a thumbtack into the venue and I'll squeeze it in my hand if I feel myself about to lose the plot, and apparently that works. That's my strategy, we’ll see how it works.”


Jimmy also shared that after hosting their own digital travel series 100 Honeymoons over the past two years, he and Holly have exciting honeymoon plans of their own.

“We are off to Europe on Monday,” he said. “We’re heading to Europe for a European summer, so we’re going back to Italy, then we go to Greece and then Spain.

“We were engaged on the 11th of August last year in Italy in Sorrento, and we'll be back in Italy in Tuscany on the 11th of August this year. We've got our ultimate European escape, which will be awesome.”

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