Bachelor contestant brings her ex-boyfriend along to the mansion

Gillian Wolski
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On Sunday, we finally got to meet each of the 28 gorgeous women hoping to find love with this year’s Bachelor, astrophysicist Dr Matt Agnew - but it sounds like one of the Bachelorettes is brining along an unexpected plus one in the form of a former flame.

That’s right, word is, Irish-born fashion brand manager Emma Roche, arrived on set with her ex-boyfriend in tow, raising more than a few eyebrows according to Woman’s Day.

Contestant Emma reportedly brought her ex-boyfriend to the Bachelor mansion. Photo: Channel 10.

Case of the ex

The 32-year-old beauty - who now calls NSW home - is said to have made the journey along the famous red carpet with her ex-squeeze before meeting Matt.

It’s not entirely clear why Emma’s former beau was there (for moral support? to make Bachie jealous?) but he did apparently lend a hand with carrying her two beloved dogs, Teddy and Bear, who feature heavily on her Instagram.

Relationship drama

Ahead of the show, Emma opened up to the publication about her rocky relationship history.

"My last partner broke my heart. He never communicated that he had a problem with our relationship, so I was devastated when he broke up with me," she said.

Could the ex she brings on set be the very same one who broke her heart? We’ll have to tune in to the season premiere on July 31 to find out.

Nevertheless, Emma is positive about her future, saying she’s “100% ready to settle down,” in her 10 play bio.

“Yes! I love being in love. I’ve been in love several times but unfortunately the timing wasn’t right so I’m still looking for my perfect partner,” she added.

She also told 10 Daily her favourite TV couple is Carrie and Mr Big from Sex and The City because despite their rocky relationship they ‘found love in the end".

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