Bachelor star shocks AGT judges as stunt goes horribly wrong

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
Former Bachelor star Apollo Jackson's Australia's Got Talent audition shocks the judges. Photo: Channel Seven

Australia’s Got Talent is always known for having some bizarre acts hit the audition stage, but this one might just take the cake for its shock factor.

Former Bachelor In Paradise star Apollo Jackson is set to appear in the new Channel Seven series, and a promo for his audition reveals he leaves the celeb judges in a state of panic as his fire-fuelled stunt goes horribly wrong.

“I’m going to be suspended from the ceiling to a pulley system that’s going to drop me face first toward a bed of razor sharp flaming spikes,” the reality star reveals.

“The only way to stop the drop system is a switch located in a locked and chained box that’s outside of reach.”

But there’s more to the story as the magician goes on to reveal.

“To take this escape to the next level, I’m going to be doused in gasoline,” Apollo says calmly.

The reality star is suspended on a pulley system down towards a bed of spikes, all the while being on fire himself. Photo: Channel Seven
Celeb judge Nicole Scherzinger is lost for words. Photo: Channel Seven

At this point celebrity judge Nicole Scherzinger realises this is one of the more dangerous acts that the panel will be watching.

“Wait, you’re going to be on fire right now on stage?” asks the Pussycat Dolls singer.

“Yeah,” he responds, before explaining in a piece-to-camera that even he is wary of the possibility of something going wrong.

“I’m really nervous about this,” he admits. “There’s a chance that things could go seriously wrong. I’m willing to risk my life on stage for this.”

“I don’t feel very good about this,” judge Lucy Durack then says.

Fellow judge Manu Feildel is equally shocked. Photo: Channel Seven

Footage shows Apollo being lowered towards the spikes while flames catch onto his jacket.

‘No, no, no, no,” Nicole squeals as she watches the act with horror before standing up in desperation. “Oh my god, oh my god, no. no.”

Fellow judge Shane Jacobson notices something’s gone terribly wrong, as he questions, “His whole arm’s on fire, isn’t it?”

“His arm’s on fire,” judge Manu Feildel (of MKR fame) confirms.

The jaw-dropping clip comes to a close before viewers are able to see the result, meaning the complete act will be aired when Australia’s Got Talent, hosted by Ricki-Lee Coulter, airs on Channel Seven later this year.

The other two judges Shane Jacobson and Lucy Durack are also absolutely gobsmacked. Photo: Channel Seven

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