Australia's horniest and least horniest states have been revealed

Coming first isn't always applauded, but one Aussie state has taken the horny crown.

Ever woke up wondering what Australia's horniest state is? Probably not, but we're about to tell you anyway, and you clicked on this link for a reason you 'lil freak.

New data from an adult toy retailer has looked deep inside the sexploits of Aussies and if you're wondering which good state is out there being proud and randy, look no further.

Retailer Adulttoymegastore has revealed Queenslanders are the horniest Australians, with the sun-loving patrons buying the most sex toys per capita in 2023. Good for them!

Making up 31 per cent of all Adulttoymegastore sales, the Sunshine State ain't afraid to have a little fun and spice things up in the bedroom. Or, you know, wherever.

Nicola Relph, owner and operator of Adulttoymegastore, said it was "fantastic" to see Queenslanders "take advantage of the tools available to them."

couple in bed with emojis over the top
Australia's horniest state has been revealed. Photo: Getty


“Sex toys can be utilised to create happier, healthier, more interesting, and more fulfilling sex lives,” Nicola said. “Embracing this aspect of pleasure is a decisive step towards reaching your full sexual potential – and the possibilities are endless.”

Before Queensland congratulates themselves too hard, remember: coming first isn't always applauded, so Tasmanians may be thrilled to know they snagged second place in the horny stakes, with Western Australia closely behind in third place.

South Australia and Northern Territory bottomed out in the survey, while NSW and Victoria stayed safe in the middle of the pack.

map of australia with horny states labelled
A helpful map. I actually got paid to make this. Photo: Supplied


Nicola said the stats also debunked the common myth that women are the ones usually buying sex toys — saying young men were revealed as Adulttoymegastore’s biggest buyers in Australia, with 30 per cent of Australian buyers aged 25-34, and men overall making up 56 per cent of all Australian sales.

“Sex toys are for anyone, in any way, at any time,” Nicola said. (Author's note: maybe not at work though, but I digress).

“Whether solo or with a partner, every day or a couple of times a year, there are so many ways that these can be incorporated. We’re looking forward to seeing our Australian market continue to grow.”

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