Australian Survivor winner set to return for Heroes v Villains season

Australian Survivor is set to return for its eighth season on Channel Ten in 2023 with not only a new location but a brand new format.

According to So Dramatic!, the next season of the reality show will be filmed in either Fiji or Samoa around August this year with a Heroes V Villains theme.

Australian Survivor cast.
Australian Survivor is set to return for its eighth season in 2023 with not only a new location but a brand new format. Photo: Channel Ten

It’s believed that 12 returning players will be divided into two tribes based on their status as either a ‘hero’ or a ‘villain’ and will play alongside 12 brand new players - similar to this year’s season of Big Brother.

Sources also claim that the ‘heroes’ tribe will feature players who work in ‘heroic’ fields, including medicine and sport, as well as survivors of both natural disasters and plane crashes.


The theme has previously been done for Survivor in the US back in 2010 to celebrate its 20th season, with Sandra Diaz-Twine becoming the show’s first two-time winner.

Meanwhile, the Australian franchise has followed in the footsteps of the US series in the past with both a Brains V Brawn theme and Blood V Water earlier this year.

Australian Survivor's Kristie Bennett.
Season one winner Kristie Bennett is rumoured to be returning to Australian Survivor. Photo: Channel Ten

Returning players

As for who will be returning for the epic new season, So Dramatic! reports that season one winner Kristie Bennett will be making a comeback in an attempt to become the franchise’s third two-time winner.

It’s also believed that former AFL player Shaun Hampson who competed on Champions vs. Contenders in 2019, and last year’s runner-up George Mladenov aka King George of Bankstown will be on the new season.

Shonee Fairfax, who finished fourth on the show in 2018 and returned for All Stars in 2020, is also expected to join the cast and obtain the record for most seasons played by an Australian contestant.

Australian Survivor's Shaun Hampson, Shonee Fairfax and George Mladenov.
Shaun, Shonee and George are believed to be returning for the new season. Photos: Channel Ten

Meanwhile, Sam Frost’s boyfriend and fan favourite contestant Jordie Hansen is said to be among the returning contestants, as well as Sandra Diaz-Twine’s daughter Nina Twine, who had to be medically evacuated from season seven.

So Dramatic! also claims that Bachelor In Paradise ‘villain’ Ciarran Stott was approached to appear on the upcoming season, however, he’s already reportedly signed on to The Challenge: Australia.

Sam’s return

The gossip comes shortly after Yahoo Lifestyle spoke with former contestant Samantha Gash, who appeared on both season two and season seven with her husband Mark Wales, about potentially competing on the show for the third time.

“I just think I’d like to play without Mark,” Sam said on the Logies red carpet.

“I mean, we want to grow our family so it’s all about timing. I thought I’d say ‘never again’, but then there’s this part of me that’s like, I’d love to know the dynamic when I don’t have to think about Mark.

“We’re a good team, but I think there’s human nature, you always want to see what you can do on your own. We only know Survivor as a unit, which is kind of crazy.”

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel Ten for comment.

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