Sam Frost reveals exciting 'next step' with boyfriend

Former Home and Away and Bachelorette star Sam Frost has revealed she is taking the "next step" with her Survivor boyfriend Jordie Hansen just five months after dating.

Sam left the Aussie soap and moved back to Melbourne where she told the Herald Sun she has moved in with her new boyfriend.

"We have taken the next step and it's nice," she said. “I feel so happy and being able to travel again is great.”

Sam Frost with her boyfriend Jordie Hansen (left) and a selfiie of Sam Frost (right).
Sam Frost and Jordie Hansen announced they are moving in together. Source: Instagram/Sam Frost

She added she is glad to be back in Melbourne and has plans to continue acting.

"I went to Sydney for work and [Jordie's] hanging with my brother and he's like, 'I miss you so much, I'll hang out with the people closest to you'," she told the publication.

The announcement comes after Sam and Jordie took a trip to the Northern Territory, posting photos on Instagram of their adventures.


Fans were even speculating they were engaged after Sam posted a snap on her Instagram showing off a ring on her left hand.

Sam revealed her relationship with Jordie in April, posting a number of photos of the pair together on Instagram.

The former Bachelorette posted a sweet montage of memories of them dancing on the beach, sitting by the fire and cuddling with their dogs in bed.

Sam Frost and Jordie Hansen pose in front of Uluru.
Sam Frost and Jordie Hansen recently took a trip to Uluru. Source: Instagram/Sam Frost

“If you can’t find us, look for the two weirdos with four dogs laughing at their own jokes. Best birthday weekend. Thank you Jord,” she wrote alongside a white heart emoji.

The social media posts came shortly after Sam made an appearance on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa and spoke about her love life.

“Look, I’m seeing someone, we’re hanging out,” she said coyly.

“He’s friends with my brother,” she added with a laugh.

“When I bailed my brother up I was like, ‘Oi is he single or what?’ and then he’s like, ‘Oh don’t be weird! You’re so embarrassing!’.”

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