Australian Survivor 2024: Meet the Titans V Rebels cast

A brand new line-up of hopefuls has been revealed, from diplomats to powerlifters, here's who'll be on the beach.

Grab your torches and dust off your buffs, Australian Survivor is about to hit our screens again, and the ninth series promises a showdown of epic proportions. Pitting winners against underdogs, Titans against Rebels, an all-new cast has been assembled to duke it out for the coveted title of Sole Survivor.

Returning to the pristine shores of Samoa, the Logie Award-winning juggernaut will introduce 24 fierce new players, ready to engage in the ultimate test of wit, strength, and resilience.

Divided into the Titans, the masters of their craft, and the Rebels, the mavericks who play by their own rules, these castaways come from diverse backgrounds spanning lawyers, sports agents, powerlifters, bounty hunters, teachers, and firefighters. And the stakes are higher than ever, with the chance to claim a hefty half-million-dollar prize.

Meet the castaways who will navigate alliances, challenges, and the unpredictable twists of Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels, all in pursuit of victory.


Caroline, Midwife

Australian Survivor contestant Caroline pictured in a blue top and beige pants.
Australian Survivor contestant Caroline is a midwife from the North Coast of NSW and mum of three. Photo: Network 10

This mother and midwife knows all about performing under pressure. While Caroline acknowledges the awe of bringing life into the world, she says the job is tougher than people think. "You are under extreme duress and many many times you get no breaks but you have to stick with what you’re doing and get the job done." And that's just what she says she'll do on Survivor.

Ahead of the island challenges, Caroline has amped up her fitness, honed fire-making skills, and mastered essential survival techniques like weaving and fishing. Inspired by Survivor player Hayley Leake, Caroline is mindful that her status as one of the eldest contestants may mean she's underestimated by her tribemates. "I’ve got a lot of life experience that’s made me who I am today," she says, "If I’d done this as a younger person, I don’t know if I’d be as strong."

Charles, Litigation Lawyer

Charles pictured in blue top and black shorts against a turquoise background.
Litigation Lawyer Charles is also a Survivor superfan, who regularly watches the show with his wife. Photo: Network 10

Charles, a litigation lawyer specialising in large-scale disputes, believes a strong social game is the key to strategic success. Aiming to gain a competitive edge by utilising his network-building skills to gather and share information with fellow tribemates, he says he's willing to do anything to stay in the game.


“I’m a Titan because I’ve done a lot of cool things in my work," he says. "I’ve represented clients from around the world, including the UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Australia. I now represent the little guy taking it to the big guy.”

Eden, Cinema Area Manager

Eden wears a bandana and a colourful shirt.
Australian Survivor contestant Eden is the area manager for multiple cinemas across Victoria. Photo: Network 10

Managing thousands of staff members, Eden says his ability to communicate and negotiate with different demographics will be a great asset to play the game of Survivor. Admitting he might not look like a cliched Titan, Eden says being underestimated is never a bad thing and thinks his fellow tribemates will be surprised at how much he’ll be ready to do.

Eden is also no stranger to extreme experiences, surviving two weeks in the Alaskan wilderness with just a backpack, a week in the Amazon and the Grand Canyon rim-to-river walk.

Frankie, Salon Owner

Frankie smiles at the camera in brown singlet and denim shorts.
Frankie says she's come on Australian Survivor to get out of her comfort zone. Photo: Network 10

Bondi hair salon owner, Frankie, embodies the Titan spirit with her hard work and absolute determination to reach the Australian Survivor finale. Drawing from her experience as a business owner, Frankie believes in recognising individuals' strengths, fostering teamwork, and ensuring everyone has a voice.

The reality of camp may be Frankie's biggest challenge, as she admits her idea of camping is travelling in a van to the beach. Her competitive nature won't let that get in the way however, and she believes the social game will be her strong suit. “Survivor plays a little bit like high school and you can start to see the little cliques being formed," she says.

"People are sizing each other up and there’s the popular group and the quieter ones. But people have seen this movie, the popular kids get killed first. So, you just have to be really careful where you align yourself.”

Jaden, Strongman

Jaden pictured smiling at the camera wearing a blue t-shirt and black shorts.
A strongman, Jaden has pulled trucks and cars at weights over 16 tonnes. Photo: Network 10

Gentle giant Jaden might look every bit a Titan, but under that tough exterior he's a big softie. “I get angry and aggressive at the gym trying to lift weights but if you see me outside the gym, I’m always laughing and smiling,” he says.

When he's not testing his strength, Jaden also creates social media videos, is a traffic controller and security guard. If that weren't enough, he also boasts an elite sporting background, playing international rugby for the Chilean national team and multiple college teams while he was in the USA.

Being a part of Survivor in Samoa feels like he's coming back to his roots for Jaden, who hails from Samoan Fijian heritage. “There’s definitely a little something inside of me that’s like ‘this is home, man.’ I’m from Australia, born and raised in Australia, but I’m playing in Samoa and it makes me proud and I want to prove myself.”

Jessica, Professional Academic

Jessica poses in a grey matching set.
Jessica thinks her self proclaimed 'resting bitch face' might throw off her competitors. Photo: Network 10

As a senior lecturer teaching the next generation of nutritionists, Jessica has earned numerous prestigious accolades, including the Australian University Award for Teaching Excellence, making her one of the country's top university educators. Despite her achievements, she acknowledges a potential stumbling block in the game—her lack of empathy.

“Am I a person with empathy? Um, no haha," she admits. "I don’t think I’ve got a huge amount of empathy but I can definitely be sympathetic and will do the right things to comfort them if they need it.”

Kitty, Business Owner

Kitty poses in a yellow top and blue shorts.
Kitty is a self-confessed ‘bogan' from the Gold Coast. Photo: Network 10

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Kitty, a self-proclaimed "bogan", is not just a business owner but also a fervent advocate for women's empowerment. Through her coaching business, Kitty aims to liberate women from restrictive diets and enhance their overall wellbeing. In her own words, she envisions a world where everyone is "happy and doing what they love."

Saying she has had a wild life, Kitty turned it around 10 years ago when she met both her business partner and now husband in quick succession. Building her businesses has given Kitty resilience which she hopes to bring with her into the game. Describing herself as strong and gritty, Kitty is determined to win, drawing on her experience of building connections with people through her gym.

Mark, Former Diplomat

Mark posing in a sports jacket with a cravat.
A diplomat for over ten years, Mark has been posted overseas in places ranging from Afghanistan to Fiji to Thailand. Photo: Network 10

Surely no one could be better placed to do well in Survivor than a former diplomat. Knowing what to say, when to say and how to say it is a key skill in the game of Survivor and there might not be anyone with more experience in that than Mark.

Mark says, “Diplomacy is absolutely about working behind closed doors and influencing others which is exactly what I’ll be trying to do on Survivor. I think I might be pretty good at it.” Indeed, Mark says leaving his wife at home may just be the hardest part of the game for him.

Nathan, AFL Agent

Nathan wears a baseball jacket.
Nathan says his AFL playing career was a bit of a roller coaster, with more downs than ups. Photo: Network 10

Formerly drafted to Collingwood and later traded to St Kilda, Nathan, a one-time AFL player turned AFL agent, sees his adaptability as a key asset in facing the challenges of Survivor. While acknowledging that getting hangry might be a weak point, he eagerly anticipates island life—chopping coconuts, eating papaya, and fully immersing himself in all that Samoa has to offer.

Nathan's passion for Survivor is a family affair, instilled by his superfan mum. For him, entering the game is not just a dream come true but also an opportunity to show his true self to the nation.

Valeria, Entertainment Business Owner

Valeria smiles at the camera.
Self sufficient Valeria runs a dance entertainment company in Sydney. Photo: Network 10

At 17, Valeria made a solo move from Russia to Australia, facing the challenges of a new country, language, and culture. While initially pursuing Political Science, majoring in Government and International Relations, she discovered her passion for dance and turned it into a profession.

Having spent much of her adult life as a lone wolf, Valeria acknowledges the need to become a team player but deep down she still looks forward to individual wins. “I feel like when you look at me, I might look cute for day one but by day two, the sleeping bear inside of me is ready to fight," she says. "I won’t be afraid to play the cliché girl who seems worried about her hair and makeup, I can play that for a while but that’s when I’ll blindside them.”

Viola, Powerlifter

Powerlifter Viola wears a denim shirt and denim shorts.
Powerlifter Viola is a tough cookie, physically and mentally. Photo: Network 10

As an obvious physical threat in the game, powerlift and strength conditioning coach Viola isn't quite sure how much she'll tell her tribe about what she does for a living, or that she's just 22 years old.

From a family of thirteen, Viola says, “I’m from South Sudan and when I was two, my mum passed away. We moved to Australia and we are a happy family, minus one and that changed my entire life. I had to learn to be an adult before I was ready to be one. I had to grow up a lot quicker than most.”

Considering her upbringing with a large family, Viola feels well-prepared for forming alliances and navigating camp dynamics. She notes, “The thing with a big family is there are always sides. Everyone’s going to fight over food, over the TV, so you have to be strategic, and I can deal with different personalities.”

Winna, Competitive Eater

Winna wears a blue shirt and smiles at the camera.
Winna is a TikToker with over 800,000 followers and a competitive eater ranked eighth in Australia. Photo: Network 10

You might wonder how a competitive eater will cope on a show like Survivor where meals are few and far between, but TikTok sensation Winna plans to leverage his unique set of skills to eat up big during Reward challenges and cope with pain in immunity challenges.

The engineer turned recruitment specialist thinks Survivor is basically a sales pitch, “If you can show you’re valuable, then people will want you around. And I’m going to do that on this island.”


Aileen, Waitress

Aileen wears a pink t-shirt and smiles at the camera.
Aileen says her fellow tribemates might just see her as a "quiet girl in the corner". Photo: Network 10

Raised in Nepal, Aileen is a sales coordinator and weekend waitress. She brings a love for bouldering and rock climbing to conquer challenges, all while navigating the fine line between assertiveness and adaptation.

Aileen has strategic mindset, forged by her superfan status, and aims to avoid the mistakes she’s witnessed being made in past seasons, by strategically choosing when to take the reins.

Alex, Maths Teacher

Alex wears a white t-shirt and sky blue shorts.
A spiritual man, Alex sees Survivor as a dynamic blend of adventure and social strategy. Photo: Network 10

Meet Alex, a rebel teacher on a mission to revolutionise the education system. Fuelled by a desire for a community that encourages passion and purpose, he challenges the status quo, advocating for a more meaningful approach. Beyond the classroom, Alex embraces adventure, having conquered Mount Kilimanjaro and lived under the stars on a tropical Mexican island.

While Alex is prepared for the game's challenges, the most significant sacrifice will be leaving behind his family. His motivation runs deep, anchored in his mother's inspiring battle with breast cancer. With a tattoo on his heart symbolising her survival, Alex feels a profound connection to Survivor, seeing it as an opportunity to honour his mother's resilience.

Feras, HR Manager

Feras smiles at the camera.
Feras is an HR manager who specialises in aged care and disability. Photo: Network 10

Feras, a spirited larrakin from western Sydney, is ready to defy expectations and emerge as the Sole Survivor. As an HR manager specialising in aged care and disability, he seamlessly balances professionalism with a cheeky side.

Feras hopes to challenge stereotypes, showcasing the strength of a "little old Arab man from western Sydney". While perceived as tough due to his size, Feras reveals his soft spot — his wife, who he calls the centre of his world.

Garrick, Loss Prevention Officer

Garrick wears a black leather jacket and black pants and smiles at the camera.
Catching shoplifters and thieves every day means Garrick is used to being one step ahead. Photo: Network 10

Garrick, a loss prevention officer on the Gold Coast, thrives in anticipating and outsmarting challenges daily. With a knack for sniffing out deceit, his professional background catching shoplifters makes him well equipped to handle Survivor's strategic intricacies.

Embracing his status as one of the tribe's oldest members, Garrick sees it as an advantage, prepared to defy age stereotypes. “I don’t feel like I’m nearly 60," he says, "My motto is don’t let the old man in. Think young and have fun. People are going to underestimate my physical ability and think I’m the old fella so I think I might surprise quite a few of them.”

Kelli, Psychologist

Kelli wears denim overalls and smiles at the camera.
As a psychologist, Kelli's philosophy is ‘no bullsh*t’ and her goal is to help people live their most authentic life. Photo: Network 10

Kelli, a professional psychologist, believes her entire career has primed her for the challenges of the Survivor game. Nicknamed 'Pocket Rocket' for her vibrant energy, she is a no-nonsense individual dedicated to helping people embrace authenticity. With a Rebel spirit and a penchant for pushing boundaries, Kelli sees the game as a psychologist's playground, where she can keenly observe and assess interpersonal dynamics.

Joining the Rebels tribe aligns perfectly with her rebellious nature, and she aims to represent women her age while making her children proud. She’s also doing it for her mum, who passed away when she was in her 20s.

Kirby, AFLW Coach

Kirby wears a pink t-shirt and smiles at the camera.
“I had a few knee reconstructions and concussions so that’s probably why I feel so old. Physically. Not in spirit, I’m a kid at heart," Kirby says. Photo: Network 10

Fiercely cheeky and sporting a rebellious spirit, Kirby is breaking moulds in a male-dominated world, refusing to bow to anyone's rules. Transitioning from state netball to AFL and now an AFLW coach, Kirby's confidence, honed in sports and industries like mining and shipping, may come off as brash to some, but she's here to set the record straight.

Ready to defy expectations, Kirby aims to inspire women, leveraging her mentorship with Aboriginal girls. She's on a mission to emulate the resilience of her Elders, forging a path for others with grit and determination.

Peta, Bar Manager

Peta wears black and smiles at the camera.
Peta jokes that having a break from her children to play Survivor will be like a holiday. Photo: Network 10

Country-raised Peta shifted from rural life to the Sunshine Coast to work in hospitality. With a blend of city and country upbringing, she effortlessly connects with diverse circles. Despite facing early challenges, including becoming a mother at 16, Peta embraces life's hurdles, now living in Perth with her kids.

Peta sees the Rebels as the tribe ready to inject some much-needed excitement into the game, “I’m a Rebel by nature and I think life is bland if you don’t have a bit of a rebellious streak in you. I don’t want to surround myself with bland people and I think the Rebels are going to have some fun out here,” she says.

Raymond, Retail

Raymond wears pink and smiles at the camera.
Raymond says he's betting on a rebel to take out the game. Photo: Network 10

Discovering his passion for Survivor during lockdown, Raymond, a Central Coast creative and lover of all things nostalgic, is ready to bring his unique flair to the game.

Admitting to being too trusting in the past, Raymond said he had learned to trust his instincts. “Growing up, I think I’ve worried too much about how I’ve been perceived by people and that can make you not accomplish the things you want so I’m trying to not get too hung up what people think anymore," he said.

With a bucket list of Survivor goals, he aims to leave a lasting impact on the game and be remembered.

Rianna, Paramedic

Rianna wears pink overalls and smiles at the camera.
As a paramedic, Rianna knows how to function under pressure. Photo: Network 10

Rianna, a fearless Adelaide paramedic, brings her resilience from high-pressure situations to the Survivor arena. An adrenaline junkie, energetic Rianna loves skydiving and bungee jumping and feels confident in her ability to endure the elements, with a strategic focus on a strong social game and alliance-building.

"Do I have what it takes?" she asked. "100 per cent. I go on solo camping trips, I know how to fend for myself, I am excited to be out here for 47 days.”

Sarah, Firefighter

Sarah wears a straw hat, purple t-shirt and pink shorts.
Sarah says she's proud when she puts on her firefighting uniform every day. Photo: Network 10

Sarah's sweet and bubbly nature conceals her tough interior. Choosing a non-traditional path after high school, she joined Fire and Rescue NSW, finding fulfilment in making a difference on people's worst days. Raised in an outdoorsy family, she's a two-time participant in the Cheerleading World Championships and describes herself as someone who doesn't follow the pack.

Sarah is close to her family and knows when the going gets tough, she’ll use their support together through.

Scott, Art Director

Scott wears a pink t-shirt and smiles at the camera.
Scott grew up in England until the age of 18 when he moved to Australia. Photo: Network 10

Survivor superfan Scott, an Art Director at Hobart's MONA Museum, has spent his life dreaming about making it onto Survivor.

Bringing a surprising mix of creativity and strength to the game, he thinks his fellow tribemates will be surprised to know he spends as much time in the gym as he does with his head in a book. Positive, bubbly, and unafraid to stand up for what's right, he's ready to make his mark in the ultimate adventure, and hopefully take home the big prize.

"Winning is super important to me. $500,000 is life-changing for someone like me, I’ve never seen that sort of money. I could help my family, I could start my own family with my partner. That’s not cheap or easy to do in a queer relationship in Australia right now. So winning is a huge motivator!”

Tobias, Construction Manager

Tobias wears khaki and smiles at the camera.
Tobias says he has a knack for talking himself out of trouble. Photo: Network 10

Extreme sport nut Tobias, a builder from Byron, thrives on a challenge. With a love for surfing, mountain biking, and skydiving, he finds an adrenaline rush is the best way to clear his head. “Some people meditate to calm their minds," he says, "I feel when I jump out of an aeroplane and see it leaving behind, there’s nothing else that calms mine.”

A rebel by nature, Tobias is adept at bending rules and charming his way through situations. Fearless about food challenges and sleeping on the ground, his Achilles' heel is arachnids – yep, spiders make him squeal. Nevertheless, he's ready to face the physical and strategic hurdles of Survivor, bringing a mix of adventure and rule-bending charisma to the game.

Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels begins on Monday, 29 January at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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