Survivor's Brooke Jowett shares brutal opinion of The Challenge: 'Too much'

EXCLUSIVE: The Survivor All Star reveals what she really thinks of the failed reality show.

Brooke Jowett has shared her brutally honest opinion of The Challenge Australia, five months after it aired on TV and become one of the lowest-performing reality shows in history.

The Australian Survivor fan favourite was one of the 22 reality stars who competed in the first-ever Australian instalment of the Challenge franchise, where contestants went head-to-head in extreme physical challenges to win $100,000 and a spot in The Challenge: World Championship.

Brooke Jowett / The Challenge Australia poster.
Brooke Jowett has shared her honest opinion of The Challenge Australia. Photos: Instagram/brookejowett / Channel 10

Despite coming second in the final episode, which was watched by only 11,000 viewers, Brooke tells Yahoo Lifestyle she never would have signed up for the show if she knew what it was actually going to be like.

“From the second day I knew it wasn’t my vibe,” she admits.

“I definitely love the competitive side of reality TV. I love the challenges and I love testing myself physically, but the drama I don't enjoy at all.”


Having watched the US version of The Challenge, Brooke shares that she thought it would be easy to separate herself from the drama in the house and focus on the physical competition.

“But there was no avoiding drama and it was just not for me,” she remarks. “I hate confrontation, I don't like upsetting anyone, and people were just making up things.

“The house was crazy. Half the time I just hid in my room with Brooke Blurton being like, ‘What are we doing here? I don’t know how to handle this!’. It was too much.

“But I'm so glad I stuck it out to the finale because physically that was the most brutal thing I've ever done. That is probably the only part that I can think back on and feel like I've accomplished something.”

Brooke Jowett on Australian Survivor.
‘To me, when I think of my TV history, I was just on Survivor.’ Photo: Channel 10

Brooke's 'next big challenge'

Almost a year after filming the show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Brooke jokes that she feels like The Challenge “never happened”.

“To me, when I think of my TV history, I was just on Survivor,” she laughs.

“I feel like Survivor really shaped me as a person and I grew a lot and I got a lot out of it, so if I was to do anything again it would be something like Survivor, or Survivor - third time lucky let's hope!”

Outside of TV, Brooke’s “next big challenge” is motherhood after announcing in March she and her fiancé, My Kitchen Rules alum Chris Cavanagh, are expecting their first child together in September.

“I've seen a few of my friends get on other shows and usually I'd have a bit of envy being like, ‘Oh that could’ve been me’, but now I just feel so content where I am and having this to look forward to,” she says. “TV can wait.”

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