Aussie woman surprises ex-boyfriend overseas in viral TikTok: 'Unhinged'

"Probably my biggest delulu moment."

An Aussie woman has taken a risk, conducting a real-life movie moment and flying over 24 hours to surprise her ex-boyfriend months after their breakup.

Tamika Cheney, 21, uploaded a heartwarming TikTok showing her being reunited with her ex after deciding to visit him as a surprise when the two had been in a period of no contact following their split.

She wasn't sure if her boyfriend, Sam Aitken, would take her back after she broke up with him when he moved from Queensland to Brighton this year because she didn't want to navigate a long-distance relationship.

But after Sam's mum told Tamika he was still in love with her, she booked a $3k flight to visit him in England and surprise him at his house, with the TikTok now racking up over 1.7 million views and Tamika confirming in the comments that the two had gotten back together.

Tamika Cheney TikTok
Tamika Cheney surprised her then ex-boyfriend Sam after flying over 24 hours to see him. Photo: Kennedy News/TikTok

The bold move left people divided on TikTok, with some commending Tamika, and others deeming it 'toxic'.

"So what you’re telling me is I just need to show up?" one person commented.


"My ex would get a restraining order on me if i did this," one person joked. "This is so toxic. I LOVE IT." another said.

"I support women's wrongs," another said, while someone else commented, "The way my ex would immediately slam the door in my face if I did this."

In the comments, Tamika shed some more light on the situation.

"He was my ex when this video was taken and we got back together 2 weeks in to me being at his," she said. "Spent all my savings... so glad it worked out."

"Probably my biggest delulu moment," she replied to another comment who had labelled the move 'unhinged'.

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