Aussie mum’s Kmart kitchen trick sparks debate

One Aussie mum has shared her trick to clear space in her kitchen courtesy of a small shelf from Kmart, surprising Facebook users and stirring up a bit of a debate.

Jessica took to the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook group to share her kitchen hack that cleared her bench space of jars of Vegemite, peanut butter and honey.

Kmart small shelf hack
An Aussie mum has shared her Kmart kitchen hack on Facebook, sparking debate among users. Photo: Facebook

Sharing a photo of her new Rectangle Wall Shelf that is now filled with breakfast condiments, she wrote, "I didn’t need a tea station so much as a breakfast station. Lol. My partner said he thinks it looks like pop art. Hahaha. I’m loving all the free bench space."

She added, "We have an issue where we have a TINY pantry and no room for this stuff there so it was on the bench taking up space."

Many Facebook users in the group loved the idea, one person wrote, "I saw these this morning at Kmart and my brain started ticking... this is AWESOME." Another added, "This is so smart – great idea."

Others commented on the large size of the Vegemite container, with one user saying, "Vegemite comes in a tub now? Man I need to get home to Oz more!!!"

Another said, "OMG... a bucket of Vegemite!" Someone else added, "My question is where did you get that glorious bucket of Vegemite."

However, others had a serious problem with the fact the butter was kept outside of the fridge.

One user said, "Nah I got a problem with that," while another said, "Love it, can’t leave butter out here though it’ll just melt."

Someone else commented, "Plain wrong to keep butter out of the fridge. I don't think it's safe."

However, many other users added that it wasn't a real issue to leave butter out, especially as we near winter.

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