Kmart fans lose it over 'life changing' new gadget

After Kmart wowed fans with its pie maker, they've announced they're set to launch a sausage roll maker for just $29, and shoppers are already obsessed.

The retailer unveiled the new appliance that features non-stick plates to allow people to make their pastries with ease.

Kmart has surprised fans with a 'game changing' new product. Photo: Getty

Many fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the gadget with many calling it a "game changer" and "life changing" while others were excited that Kmart had "finally" brought it out following the success of the pie maker.

The first thought that came to many fans, was that they would now be able to make a McDonald's-inspired Apple Pie.

"I can make apple pies like Maccas," one user wrote, while another added, "I see an apple pie maker... not a sausage roll maker."

Some people, however, weren't too keen on the machine, one person said, "There would be more time and effort going in to making a sausage roll with this than just putting them on a tray and shoving them into the oven. Seriously, who thought this would be a good idea?"

Shoppers fuming over online wait times

The new gadget comes after shoppers were left fuming with Kmart's online shopping system, with some even threatening to take their business elsewhere as unprecedented demand sees long waiting times, orders suddenly cancelled and accounts incapacitated.

The store’s online shopping service has been struggling under the weight of thousands of online orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving many customers outraged.

After introducing an online queue system to steady the orders, shoppers took to social media to vent their frustrations, and demand better service from one of the coutnry’s most popular retail chains.

Some reported placing orders only to have them refunded with no explanation days later, others couldn’t access their accounts, and many were fed up with longer and longer online wait times.

One man shared a screengrab of the site’s waiting time message along with a scathing review.

“So Kmart this should not be a thing!” he wrote. “You should have the infrastructure to handle ‘high volumes’ pffttt what a joke.”

Kmart has angered fans with long wait times
Kmart has angered fans with it's longer wait times during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Twitter/micklee93

“This is bullsh*t Kmart,” a slightly more furious customer ranted. “You are not a small scale startup that you can't handle web traffic.”

The dramatic response to the online shopping fail sparked a response from a Kmart spokesperson who told they have been ‘overwhelmed’ by the volume and stock availability has been impacted.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the volume of orders over the past few weeks and stock availability has been impacted, making it difficult to keep up with our customer needs,” they said, adding a ‘sincere apology’ to customers impacted.

“We’ve made the decision to temporarily convert three of our 240 stores into order fulfilment sites to help support the growing demand for our online home delivery services,” they added.

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