The 'life-changing' $39 Bunnings item

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Fans of the SABCO SuperSwish Spray Mop have heaped praise on their discovery and explain how it’s revamped their household’s routine. Photo: Facebook

A $39 mop has been labelled life-changing by bargain-hunting parents – with some going as far to say it makes the often-loathed chore ‘enjoyable’.

The cleaning utensil in question is the SABCO SuperSwish Spray Mop, available at Bunnings, with fans taking to an online forum to heap praise on the discovery, and explain how it’s revamped their household’s cleaning routine.

One woman even revealed how she’s ‘in love’ with the mop – whose point of difference is that instead of a traditional bucket, users can squirt out cleaning product with a trigger-controlled spray.

“It was easy to get into tight spots and under furniture, light work and I might even say enjoyable. Why didn’t I buy this years ago?” she asked.

“I have tried everything over the last four years to get my floor to look clean let alone shiny! I am in love.”

Another woman shared how the mop’s design can make the chore itself less intimidating and easier to tackle.

One woman shared how the mop’s design make the chore itself less intimidating and easier to tackle. Photo: Facebook

“It’s so easy to use and washing the mop pads are also super easy,” she wrote.

Hacks and upgrade options were also traded between the women, who are all part of a Facebook group for those with an obvious enthusiasm for cleaning.

“I hate mopping but I put some Long Life Timber Floor Cleaner in it with warm water and it was so quick,” she revealed to others commenters.

Elsewhere online, the SuperSwish garnered more praise in the form of five-star reviews, but some were left disappointed with the same features others raved about.

“I had hopes that this would be a good mop, but it has been useless, due to the tank leaking water where you have just mopped the sprayer not working reliably,” one person wrote.

“You either get no water or if just dribbled out the front. Very disappointing.”

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