Aussie mum, 47, launches fundraiser for second child after $150k IVF

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A mum with just two frozen embryos left is fundraising to have second baby at 47 after spending her life savings on 15 rounds of IVF and suffering five miscarriages.

After ten years of struggle and heartbreak, determined mum-of-one Nicole Hocking and her husband Leigh, 46, finally welcomed their miracle baby boy Ethan back in 2018 and is now determined to give the little boy a sibling.

Brisbane Nicole Leigh with 'miracle' IVF $150k baby Ethan
Nicole and Leigh are seeking help from the community to turn their family of three into a family of four. Photo: Caters

The 47-year-old from Brisbane, said they first started trying for a baby back in 2006 – but after a year and a half without conceiving, the couple decided to visit a fertility specialist.

Unfortunately, Nicole was diagnosed with endometriosis - a condition where uterine tissue grows outside the uterus - making pregnancy complicated.

To make matters worse, her husband had issues with his sperm, which meant their chances of falling pregnant naturally were deemed impossible.

Desperate to have a child, they went down the path of IVF, saving up for two years before beginning the notoriously tricky process in 2010.

Nicole and Leigh finally fell pregnant with 'miracle baby' Ethan
Nicole and Leigh finally fell pregnant with 'miracle baby' Ethan after ten years. Photo: Caters

Over the next eight years, the pair spent a whopping $150,000 for 15 rounds, only for Nicole to suffer a shattering five miscarriages.

It wasn’t until the pair tried again after taking a two year break, in 2018 that they finally found success, though it came at a bittersweet time.

It was on the day that Leigh’s father passed away suddenly, that the pair had the transfer that resulted in Nicole’s pregnancy with Ethan.

“Unbelievably, that was the one that worked, that was Ethan,” Nicole says.

“I think Leigh’s dad was with us in spirit and helped us. Ethan’s middle name is Arthur, after his grandfather.

“We like to think he is watching over us now and is there with Ethan as his guardian angel.”

Nicole poses with baby both Ethan after ten years of $150k IVF
Nicole is desperate to give baby Ethan a sibling while she can. Photo: Caters

Though the journey was harrowing, the parents say that all the time, money, disappointment and grief was well worth it for baby Ethan and they are rolling up their sleeves to do it all over again in a bid to make a family of four.

Sadly, however, the couple say their finances have been so depleted they would not be able to afford another round of IVF, but are desperate to give it a go with their final two embryos.

In a bid to make their family dreams come true, the pair have set up a GoFundMe page, hoping kind-hearted strangers will pitch in to help them try for their last bub.

“We are over the moon with Ethan and if we only ever have him then that is okay and we are so lucky to have him,” Nicole says.

“We’d love to be able to give him a brother and sister. And while we have two frozen embryos left, we want to at least give it a try.”

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