Ashley Graham poses nude after awkward Oscars interview goes viral

The model's interview with Hugh Grant made headlines around the world.

Ashley Graham has taken to Instagram to share a nude snap after her awkward Oscars interview with Hugh Grant went viral on Sunday.

The model, 35, shared the snap where she was pictured protecting her modesty with her hands and a handbag. She styled her locks into two long braids and accessorised with gold rings and earrings.

Ashley Graham nude
Ashley Graham has shared a nude snap after her awkward Oscars interview with Hugh Grant went viral earlier this week. Photo: Instagram/Ashley Graham

The post featured a number of random snaps including one of her in bed wearing socks that help prevent bunions, another of her feet in black heels, some of her beauty prep for the Oscars, and her snacking on the red carpet.

She captioned the carousel with emojis of putting rubbish in the bin.

"This woman is so free... I love it," one user commented.


"This isn’t the slay we wanted, it’s the one we NEEDED," another said.

"Here is not Instagram versus reality. Here is just reality!" a third said.

Others shared that they were impressed with her interview with Hugh, despite the star's 'rude' behaviour on the Oscars red carpet.

"Love how you handled the Hugh Grant interview," one fan wrote. "He shouldn’t be on the red carpet if he doesn’t want to answer simple questions!"

"Take that, Hugh Grant!" another quipped.

"Hugh Grant was a disrespectful douchebag," a third said. "You were a total pro and displayed the pose of class. Entitled movie stars are so passé and an embarrassment to Hollywood Royalty."

"You did amazing on pre-oscars but Hugh Grant wtf was wrong with him?" another fan wrote.

The British actor seemingly wanted to be anywhere other than the red carpet while being interviewed by the model, with Ashley asking him standard questions such as who he was rooting for and what designer he was wearing.

"No one in particular," the Notting Hill star responded when Ashley asked who he wanted to win.

When asked who he was wearing, he simply said, "Just my suit," when pushed for further information, he added, "I can't remember, my tailor."

"Shout out to the tailor!" Ashley said, trying to keep the energy high.

Ashley Graham and Hugh Grant
Ashley's awkward interview with Hugh Grant went viral. Photo: ABC

However, the interview continued on a downward spiral when she asked what it was like to be in Glass Onion, with the actor pointing out he wasn't in the film for very long.

"I'm barely in it, I'm in it for about three seconds," he said.

"Yeah, but still you should up and you had fun, right?" Ashley probed.

"Ah, almost," he said.

Ashley wrapped up the interview, with Hugh looking perplexed as he walked away.


April Reign took to Twitter to share her surprise after seeing the interview, writing, "I don’t understand this from Hugh Grant. If you don’t want to be interviewed, don’t take the mic, smile politely and keep walking.

"Kudos to @ashleygraham for trying repeatedly to get something interesting out of him."

"Ashley handled him like a pro," one user responded. "He grumped and she kept it moving and when she was done she was done. She doesn't need to know everything about every person; she just needs to keep it light and moving."

"Despite Hugh Grants uninterested responses, Ashley looked amazing and navigated the awkward responses well," another said.

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