Bachelor's Angie Kent shows off edgy new look after dramatic makeover

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Angie Kent has debuted an edgy new look after transforming her long golden locks into a silver bob to "spice" things up for winter.

The 31-year-old documented the transformation while sitting in the chair at the hairdresser this week. 

Bachelorette Angie Kent
Former Bachelorette Angie Kent has debuted an edgy new look for winter. Photo: Ten

"How's this jungle mountain mane... Can't do the extensions anymore as I just don't do my hair like I used to (evidently)," she wrote.


"We’re gonna get rid of all of these guys, and we might be going a bit shorter and a different colour," the former Bachelorette star said of her extensions.

"Manic Pixie girl vibes," Angie captioned an Instagram Story as she showed off the new look.

Angie Kent former bachelorette hair transformation
Angie shared a photo of her new look, describing it as "manic pixie girl vibes". Photo: Instagram/Angie Kent

Last year, Angie revealed that she is a fan of injectables and treatments, telling Body+Soul, "I’ve been open about getting the same work done for the past five years. I’ve been honest about getting Botox. In fact, I’m mad for a little bit of Botox. I’d never not have it."

The publication used the headline, "Why it costs $26,740 a year to look like this," on the story, something Angie wasn't a fan of. 

She spoke of the story on Instagram, saying, "I might’ve spent some money and time on wanting to feel more comfortable on the outside and enhancing what I have, but the best money I’ve spent is on soul searching and finding myself again! That’s when I feel most beautiful!"

Angie kent hair transformation
Angie shared this post from her hairdresser, showing what she looked like before. Photo: Instagram/Luppinos Hair Brisbane City

The star recently started her own podcast called Angie Tries It, where she tries different therapies in order to overcome her fears.

Recently, she shared some of her terrifying experiences with sleep paralysis.

"I can get the most hardcore sleep paralysis to the point where I would be frightened to go to sleep," she said.

She spoke of the "sleep paralysis demon" that often torments her, saying, "It's often a male, and my eyes can be opened, but I will hear them speaking in tongues."

Angie even said she believed they would pull her sheets down, despite the fact she was alone.

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