Angie Kent calls out MAFS groom's 'twisted' move: 'Stitch up'

Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's MAFS 2022 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything on the controversial reality show.

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Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's MAFS 2022 columnist. Photo: Instagram

There’s been A LOT going on in the world, and in our own backyards recently, and I know the news has been swarmed with negativity and the reality has been quite hard to swallow.

SO with this being said, I am going to try and make this article a little less ‘take out my eyes I am done’ and try and focus on some positives I got from watching last week of MAFS, or Men Are F**king Shit…. But not all men.

There you go. Would you look at that, we are off to a hopeful start already.

'Dog people are just good people'

Just as I was beginning to role my eyes even further to the back of my head... Domenica stole my heart. Jack and Dom with the dogs. I am going to admit it, I even got myself some goosebumps!!!

Jack crying over his dog - well let's just say that is right up my alley and straight into the good books. It was everything we needed to see to make us feel like there is some kind of love in this dark tunnel of doom.


Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine

I know Dominica can have a mouth on her at times, and sister doesn’t always think before she speaks. I feel most of us can be guilty of that. I can be a right mole if I’m working off ego in a relationship. I feel, what we should focus on is not the mistakes people make, but how we react after we make those mistakes or have hurt other people.

When you can take a solid step back and look at yourself and say 'I am sorry'. What more can you do as a human when you are in the wrong than to say sorry and mean it? Saying sorry and not meaning it is a different story. Dom felt she hurt Jack’s feelings the other week, she sat with it, and she went out and did something about it to show him she cared. I love these too. Any people who love dogs this much - are good people. Dog people are just good people. It’s a fact. Prove me wrong. I hope you don’t, but I’m super merry about the fact this show made me smile and feel something other than rage.

Why did Mitch come onto this show?

Ok, I think that is all I have in me on the positive front because I just need a moment to talk about Mitch and Ella. And by moment I mean the rest of the article.

Can I ask, why on Gods green earth did our mate Mitch come onto this show? For real, why? Did he get street casted by producers? Did they go up to him in a club and be like 'hey you look like a Steve Jobs turtle neck wearing guy who would hate to be tied down to marriage at the ripe age of 26 and we would love to give you a platform to show women exactly how they should not be treated'.

Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine

I wish it was the case, that women would see this and run for the hills... but I feel he has just got himself more of a platform to get heaps of chicks who also don’t know their worth and will settle for his sub-standard behaviour.

Mitch you are only young, this works in your favour as you have time to unlearn your baby gaslighting ways and can benefit from being called out and make changes. What a great opportunity and position to be in. Take the advice and go out there and be a better human. Do the work. It’ll be worth it in the long run. For all involved.

Run, Ella, Run

I am tired of seeing him sh*t-can literally anything and Ella then has to comprise everything. Why doesn’t Ella think she’s good enough? What does Mitch do to make her feel that way?

Mitch threw his toys right out of the pram when Ella brought her concerns up in front of the group and the ‘experts’. It seemed Ella was too nervous to say it directly to Mitch’s face because of his possibly response and behaviour. Proof was in the pudding, Ella brings up one thing that is concerning to her, which sees Mitch complain about how rubbish this experiment is and how insecure Ella is and she should just accept what he is saying... and he goes and loses his mind over her feeling confident enough to bring up her concern with support from other people around.

Mitch seems to care more about looking like a fool than actually working on his relationship and working off his heart. He also seems to have little to no respect for anyone’s feelings but his own, and his own ego is working over time. That must get so exhausting.

I have hope that deep down he doesn’t even realise he is doing this and just needs to relearn and willingly be taught. Until that realisation hits home for him….Run Ella. Run as fast as you can. Sprint if you must.

I get this show is toxic as f*ck. I hear Mitch loud and clear on that front. But why did you sign up for this show / experiment then dolly? Have you not watched it before? If he hasn’t, then that’s a real sad one for him. I wish the poor fella could have been warned because he is really hurting my eyes and ears with all this moaning and I would really like to see something else now please... and I would also like for Ella to pick up her crown, dust it off, pop it back on her head and find someone who deserves her.

Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine

MAFS groom's 'twisted' move

Before I go, lets say goodbye to Jessica and Daniel. Who? Exactly. What a waste of a tank of gas for all involved. I feel for them to some degree. What a stitch up for both of them.

My main question before we kick them out the MAFS door is, why did Daniel even want to stay in the experiment? He clearly doesn’t like Jess. They don’t connect at all. She is down right awful to him and doesn’t like him. He wants to keep her around to hold her accountable? His words. Hold her accountable? Are you her damn father?

Hearing that, well that is just some twisted sh*t. Let’s be real Daniel... you wanted Jessica to stay so you could tune Carolina (haha can’t believe I just wrote the word tune, what am a 16-year-old coasty boy).

Jess ended up with someone who wanted her to stay so he could ‘hold her accountable’ and form a relationship AKA cheat on national television with someone else.

Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine

I’m not saying Jess’s behaviour was delightful. It wasn’t at all.

I can’t wait for her to come out after that contract dries up and go to town on telling us her side. There’s the edit, the two sides of the couples stories and then there’s the sweet sweet truth!

Until that day… EAT, SLEEP, SAGE, REPEAT x

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