Andy Cohen blasts 'insane rumour' about Meghan Markle: 'Of course she did'

It comes following reports Meghan wasn't doing her own interviews.

Andy Cohen has defended Meghan Markle after rumours began swirling that she didn't do her own interviews for her Spotify podcast Archetypes, which was recently axed.

The 55-year-old host appeared on the podcast in 2022, and has blasted the 'insane rumours' during an interview with Us Weekly.

Meghan Markle
Andy Cohen has slammed an 'insane rumour' about Meghan Markle in the wake of the axing of her Spotify deal and podcast. Photo: Getty

"Of course, I [spoke with Markle], And she definitely [interviewed me]. That’s an insane rumour," he told the magazine.

"Her podcast is conversations with people. How would she not have, of course she did."


The rumours kicked off when PodNews claimed that Meghan didn't do some of the interviews that appeared on her podcast, and they were instead done by staffers.

They claimed Meghan's voice was edited into the podcast to make it appear as though she was doing the interview.

Andy continued, saying Meghan was "quite well-researched", "well-informed" and "thoughtful" during their conversation, where they spoke about his Housewives franchise, which Meghan had admitted to being interested in when she was a guest on his talk show before she met and married Prince Harry.

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen shared that Meghan was "quite well-researched", "well-informed" and "thoughtful" during their conversation. Photo: Getty

"Everyone is like: 'Oh, she should join the Beverly Hills housewives,'" Andy told her during the interview. "And I’m like: 'She ain’t joining the Beverly Hills housewives, everybody. That’s not happening. She’s Meghan Markle.'"

Bravo decided Meghan wasn't right for the show in the early 2010s, which Andy would later call the "biggest blunder in the 13 years of the show".

Meghan, however, said she'd "never heard" of the rumour.

Spotify and Duke and Duchess of Sussex announce end of partnership

Spotify and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the end of their $30 million deal, with a statement that said they have "mutually agreed to part ways and are proud of the series we made together".

There were only 12 episodes of Archetypes, with interviews featuring Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, Mindy Kaling, Trevor Noah and Judd Apatow.

Archetypes won a top podcast award at the People's Choice Awards in December last year.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Spotify and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the end of their $30 million deal earlier this month. Photo: Getty

Meghan wrote at the time, "I loved digging my hands into the process, sitting up late at night in bed, working on the writing and creative. And I loved digging deep into meaningful conversation with my diverse and inspiring guests, laughing and learning with them. It has been such a labour of love."

An Archewell spokeswoman revealed to The Wall Street Journal Meghan is "continuing to develop more content for the Archetypes audience on another platform".


When the Sussexes' Spotify deal was first announced, they said they would produce several series, but only one came to fruition.

The cancellation of the series comes after Spotify announced they are axing 200 jobs in the podcasting division, saying they are embarking on a "strategic realignment".

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