Ally shocks with dig at Karl's weight on-air

Ally teased Karl with a pointed jibe this morning. Photo: Nine
Ally teased Karl with a pointed jibe this morning. Photo: Nine

Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon have kicked off their Today partnership with a marked familiarity and friendly banter that has both endeared them to viewers and raised eyebrows on occasion.

This morning the duo kicked it up a notch with some funny, but brutal commentary around what Karl calls his new ‘pudge’ while chatting with Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa.

Speaking about their broadcast from the Australian Open this week, the pair joked about moving from court to court in the heat.

“There’s some courts you need to walk 4km to get to,” one of the radio hosts pointed out.

“It’s good for Karl,” Ally quickly quipped, in reference to the host’s jokes about his own weight gain.

“I’ve put on a bit of pudge and I’m liking it,” Karl agreed, referencing the now-famous beach shots that prompted the host to joke that he, rather than wife Jasmine, was pregnant with their child.

Joking about his paparazzi experience being similar to that of Meghan Markle the host said that he didn’t know what the pair are ‘complaining about’.

“Those shots of Meghan Markle look pretty good. The shots of me... You just think you look better than what you look like,” he said.

The comments come after Karl was spotted enjoying some downtime at the Australian Open with wife Jasmine and daughter Ava.

The TV host is on the up and up after a tumultuous 12 months saw him booted, and reinstated as Today’s host, with alongside veteran reporter Allison Langdon.

Friendly banter goes both ways

Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon appear on Today Ally dancing on right
Karl doesn't shy away from embarrassing Ally on occasion. Photo: Nine

Ally isn’t the only one getting in a jibe here and there at the expense of her co-host, however, Karl left the journalist red-faced earlier this week by sharing some hilarious, and slightly embarrassing, footage of her caught off-air.

“This is what she is like”, Karl said during Tuesday morning’s episode, as he showed viewers off-air footage of Ally dancing at the news desk.

The clip of Ally’s early-morning shimmy was reportedly captured 15 minutes before the show started it’s broadcast at 5:30am.

The duo deliver a boost for Today

The brand new line-up, which debuted two days earlier than expected due to the bushfire crisis, has delivered the solid boost in ratings Nine had been waiting for.

TVBlackbox reported on January 8 Karl and Ally’s official debut scored a total of 226,000 a whopping 15 per cent climb from Deb Knight and Georgie Gardiner’s first episode which pulled just 197,000 in January 2019.

The breakfast program was still trailing its competitor Sunrise which has dominated ratings and continues to do so, pulling a total of 293,000, almost 70,000 viewers on Today.

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