Aldi's new Christmas range is back with some new surprises from $3.99

Aldi's highly-anticipated Curated Christmas Collection is back, hitting shelves on October 24.

Whether we're ready for it or not, Christmas is right around the corner, with just 62 days and counting until the pinnacle of the festive season hits.

Whether you're treating a foodie friend or hosting guests this Christmas, a little bit of luxury can elevate your spread above the standard backyard barbecue. The great news is that ALDI's popular Christmas range is returning just in time to simplify your preparations, and it's not only better than ever, but just as affordable.

Aldi Curated Christmas Collection is back. Photos: Supplied
Aldi's curated Christmas collection is back with returning favourites and new goodies. Photos: ALDI

This range of luxurious festive treats is designed to add a touch of extravagance to your holiday feasts without breaking the bank, which is a welcome relief, especially when we all have so many gifts to purchase! These opulent festive treats and gifts are not only available in a wide range of flavours and styles but also come at affordable prices, with options starting as low as $3.99.


Making a popular return is the sublime 18-month Matured Pudding (800g, $18.99); with its rich and traditional flavours, it's the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas table.

Two exciting new additions have also made their way into the range, promising to add some sweetness to your Christmas spread. Among them are the delectable Chocolate Cake Bombes ($8.99), featuring Rainforest Alliance chocolate mud cake enrobed in a rich dark and white chocolate shell. And if you're a fan of Scottish shortbread, you're also in for a treat with the new Scottish all-butter butterscotch and double cream shortbread rounds added to the range ($6.99).

Aldi Christmas Collection
Australian-made sweet crispbreads are available in three flavour options, along with premium puddings and fruit cakes. Photo: Aldi

But the Curated Collection isn't just about sweets, with the range also including variety of savoury staples to elevate the main event of your festive meal.

From Mediterranean Style Dukkah ($3.99) to hand-picked, brine-cured Australian Wild Olives ($6.99), as well as Luxury Australian Wagyu Beef Biltong ($19.99), and an exquisite assortment of Finishing Vinegars available for $6.99 each, the collection offers everything you need to create a truly complete Christmas spread.

In addition to ALDI’s Curated Collection, the retailer is reintroducing its award-winning Kringle & Co Christmas range for 2023, offering a variety of new and acclaimed products starting from $2.69:

New Additions for 2023:

  • Salted Caramel Tarts Bombe 6pk, $6.29

  • Fruit Flavoured Berry Tarts 9pk, $6.49

  • Introducing a new flavour, Jamaican Rum Fruit Mince Tarts 6pk, $6.99

  • Fruit Flavoured Lemon Tarts 9pk, $6.49

Canstar Awarded Selection:

  • A new flavour, Jamaican Rum Fruit Mince Tarts 6pk, $6.99

  • Fruit Mince Almond Tarts 6pk 290g, $6.99

  • Salted Caramel Pudding 500g, $7.29

  • Chocolate Pudding 500g, $7.29

ALDI Australia's Shopping Expert, Kylie Warnke, said the Curated Collection range is perfect for Aussie families looking to make the most of their budget during the festive season.

“Working with our partners across Australia and around the globe, this year’s collection brings together high quality, luxurious Christmas flavours, available at the lowest prices,” she said.

Aldi's premium Curated Collection will be available in stores from Tuesday 24 October.

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