Aldi's kids' Special Buys causing a frenzy amongst parents: 'Stock up'

Aldi's Special Buys section has yet again proven to be a treasure trove for parents

Everybody's favourite aisle at Aldi, the Special Buys section, is causing a frenzy among parents this week, offering an assorted range of supplies and goodies for kids and babies.

Parents were quick to flood the comments section of a post by one avid bargain hunter, who goes by the Instagram handle @addicted_to_bargains, when she shared some of the fantastic items she discovered on display at her local Aldi.

Aldi Special Buys Bonds Wondersuits andd assorted food storage containers
Aldi's kids' Special Buys include Bonds Wondersuits for $13.99 and assorted food storage containers for $9.99. Photo: Instagram/@addicted_to_bargains

The well-stocked kiddie haul included an array of must-have items, from practical silicone plates and bibs to stylish melamine dinnerware. Parents were also thrilled to discover plush baby sofas and discount highchairs, as well as kids' essentials like pyjamas and shoes.


The Instagram post instantly became a magnet for money savvy parents looking to stock up.

"Let's go!" One person responded immediately, with another sharing their plans to "Stock up!"

Amidst the excitement, someone else joked, "I'm gonna be in trouble."

Aldi highchairs and sleeping bags
Parents are flocking to the retailer for bargain baby sleeping bags and highchairs. Photo: Instagram/@addicted_to_bargains
Aldi splat mats and silicone dinnerware
The kids' Special Buys at Aldi splat mats for $9.99 and silicone dinnerware and bibs. Photo: Instagram/@addicted_to_bargains

Among the highlights of the Special Buys are the coveted Bonds Wondersuits priced at a budget-friendly $13.99, which can typically be priced anywhere from $20 to $30 when not discounted. A staple for many with babies, these Wondersuits received countless tags from parents eager to share the special with their friends and family.

The practicality of silicone bibs and bowls also caught the attention of shoppers, with one parent remarking, "Those silicone plates are legit the only plate my 13-month-old can't pull off." Another parent chimed in, "The Aldi baby feeding stuff is really good."

The baby sleeping bags were another popular choice, with one person commenting that they find the bedding item "really good for when they're out of swaddle bags."

The high praise for Aldi's products even had some parents planning an immediate trip to the store, with one declaring, "Definitely going to Aldi today!"

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