Aldi shoppers are raving about this $4 side dish: 'AMAZING'

The popular product comes in three regular flavour variants, which all receive resounding reviews

Aldi shoppers have discovered a new favourite for family dinners, and it's quickly gaining a cult-like status as a must-have accompaniment to cosy winter meals.

The sought after Season's Pride Potato Gratin Bakes are versatile savoury slices that can be eaten as a snack or a side-dish—or even a whole quick and easy meal if you're keen.

Creamy potato gratin layers serve as the foundation for a selection of flavour combinations, including spinach and ricotta and cauliflower and broccoli, and of course, the timeless classic original variety. Aldi also occasionally treats customers to a limited edition Mushroom Truffle variant.

Aldi potato Gratin and Aldi sign
The popular potato gratin from Aldi comes in three flavour variants; plain, spinach and ricotta and cauliflower and broccoli. Photos: Facebook/Getty

Located in the freezer section and priced at a budget-friendly $4.49, these mini potato bakes can be easily prepared in either the oven or air fryer and have become an instant hit among Aldi enthusiasts.

The excitement surrounding the product has spilled over onto the Aldi Mums Facebook page, where fans have been showering the dish with glowing reviews.

One happy customer couldn't contain her enthusiasm and shared a picture of the Spinach and Ricotta Potato Gratin variant, gushing: "Just tried these and they are AMAZING. Highly recommend."


The post sparked a lively comments section, with fellow shoppers wholeheartedly agreeing with her review.

"They are all delicious," declared one satisfied customer, while another chimed in, "Soooo good. Broccoli and cauli ones are my jammm."

"These are divine. But I need to really control myself to not eat the whole box in one go," admitted another Aldi fan.

It's clear that these gratin bakes have quickly become a staple in many households. One shopper proudly declared they "always have a box or two in the freezer," with another adding they "love the whole variety."

"A massive family favourite here," agreed someone else, "in fact, just had them for dinner."

The price difference between Aldi and other supermarkets was also a topic of discussion, with one shopper pointing out that similar products at other retailers are sold at considerably higher price point.

Indeed, both Coles and Woolworths offer similar products in their freezer sections. Woolies' version comes in at $6.00 for a 4-pack, while the Coles alternative from McCain will set you back $8.60.

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