Aldi sparks frenzy with 'identical' $599 dupe of $900 dryer

Aldi’s July 11 Special Buys sale is set to be something of a shopping frenzy, after eagle-eyed shoppers spotted a jaw-dropping bargain in the supermarket’s catalogue.

A $599 Heat Pump Dryer sent fans’ jaws dropping to the floor over both the bargain price of the white good compared to near-identical models on the market and its promised low energy consumption.

A general view of the outside of an Aldi store with Special Buy buzz on. July 11 dryer buy
Aldi has shoppers delighted with a bargain Heat Pump Dryer on sale July 11. Photo: Getty Images

Part of a laundry, appliance and storage Special Buy hitting shelves next weekend, the dryer is a Stirling 7kg Heat Pump Dryer that retails for just $599, a steal compared to other heat pumps on the market, which can sell for thousands.

Made by the same company, the Residentia Group, that produces the Esatto version of the Heat Pump, which retails between $815 and $900, the Stirling is at least $200 cheaper and the user manuals show what seems to be exactly the same features and design on offer.

(Left) Esatto $815 Heat Pump 7kg Dryer compared to Aldi $599 7kg Heat Pump Dryer
Many have compared the $815 Esatto (left) to the $599 Aldi Stirling (right) which is made by the same company. Photo: Residentia Group

The Esatto has consistently received rave reviews online for its energy-saving, performance and bargain price, so at just $600 the Aldi buy is sure to be a popular steal.

How does a Heat Pump Dryer work and how much money will you save?

Heat Pump dryers work by blowing hot air on a load, then using an evaporator to extract the moisture. That water is then collected either in a tank, or redirected with a hose down the drain.

Aldi product picture for Stirling Heat Pump Dryer Special Buy
The Aldi Buy uses recycled air and collected water to keep energy and cost to a minimum. Photo: ALDI

The evaporation element also recycles the air repeatedly within one cycle. The evaporation factor differentiates it from your typical vented dryer, by minimising the use of hot air.

A vented dryer works by simply blowing hot air onto clothes repeatedly.

The difference is palpable when it comes to your energy bill, with heat pumps coming with a whopping 6-star average energy rating compared with the vented dryers that have an average 2-star rating.

The Aldi buy promises to save households up to $1600 over the product’s lifetime in energy costs and to use about half the energy of a vented dryer.

6-Star energy saving on Aldi Stirling Heat Pump Dryer for $600
A 6-star energy rating keeps your power bill 50% lower. Photo: ALDI

The machines are also known to be gentler on clothes, though do take longer to complete a cycle, with customers reporting a three-hour full cycle, and at least half an hour for single items.

Aldi customers say Air Pump the ‘best dryer ever’

Delighted customers took to social media, thrilled to discover the budget buy headed their way, with many who had used the Esatto product promising the dryer was ‘the best’ they had tried.

“I would recommend this dryer to everyone it would be fantastic for people in units,” one woman wrote. “The value for money is amazing at under $600 it is better value than top of the range heat pump dryers that can cost three times the price.”

“It's very good,” another woman shared. “I got mine 3 months ago and use daily and it's got awesome reviews. Highly recommend and very economical to run.”

The collected water from each load can also be repurposed as one clever customer recommended.

“I brought mine last year love it best dryer,” she wrote. “When we had water restrictions earlier this year, the distilled water that it gives after a load is done saved my plants and grass.”

Others reported the function to be ‘great’, with clothes coming out good as new.

“I have one also and it’s great! No more condensation and fluff all around your laundry,” one woman promised.

Others were devastated that they hadn’t spotted the Special Buy sooner, after splashing out over $1000 for a high-end version of the product.

“I just got mine a week ago,” one woman wrote. “I wish I knew about Aldi special buy.”

“I literally just ordered [another brand] for $1500,” another bemoaned.

The sale also features a matching washing machine for a paltry $379, as well as a number of jaw-dropping storage solutions perfect for anyone struggling to cope with a tiny laundry situation.

Aldi has been wowing left, right and centre this week, also sending customers wild after announcing the return of a cult $10 Special Buy, though thankfully it will go on sale on July 8, spreading the shopping frenzy over a few days.

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