Aldi's $10 cult Special Buy shoppers are losing their minds over

Brace yourselves, because Aldi is bringing back a cult $10 Special Buy and shoppers are already losing their minds over it.

The much-loved retailer has announced the return of the electric salt and pepper mills, which were so popular the last time they were introduced to stores that they sold out almost instantly.

Aldi salt and pepper shakers
Aldi have revealed the return of their cult salt and pepper shakers. Photo: Aldi

The announcement didn’t go unnoticed on Aldi Facebook groups, with people posting pictures of the catalogue online, which states the dining table favourites will be on sale on the 8th of July.

“We have a set. And they are my fav thing in the kitchen next to my wine glasses,” one person wrote.

“Love love love you can do it with one hand,” another person said.

The salt and pepper mills spring into action as soon as you turn them upside down but many have pointed out that they require six batteries, which actually comes in the box with them.

Aldi catalogue
Fans online are already preparing to snap up the items, which go on sale on July 8th. Photo: Facebook

“Only issue is they use 6xAAA Batteries. So you need to make sure you have a lot of spare AAA batteries on hand just in case,” one person wrote.

Others pointed out that you could just buy rechargeable batteries to avoid having to buy new ones each time.

Back in July last year, the salt and pepper shakers went on sale, with one woman asking: “How many of you got these salt and pepper grinders obsessed?”

Countless people said they failed to get their hands on them, so maybe this is their chance.

Aldi salt and pepper shakers
The salt and pepper mills have been a fan favourite in the past. Photo: Facebook

In 2017, a user wrote: I absolutely love my salt and pepper grinders from Aldi. I keep getting asked by friends and family where did I get my grinders from and they were all quite surprised when I said Aldi. I had 3 family members go buy them and I think they were lucky to get hold of them as it was a few weeks after the weekly special that they managed to get them. I love that they are not only practical but also look good. Aldi Bringing the goods to the table

The salt and pepper grinders aren’t the only kitchen staple set to cause a stir with shoppers, as the retailer is also releasing chic dinnerware, a black serving board and high-end looking cutlery.

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