Shoppers declare $29 Kmart pot 'better' than $529 alternative

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Spot the difference: shoppers have declared Kmart's $29 pot (left) 'better' than a $529 alternative from Le Creuset.

A savvy shopper has taken to Facebook to share their delight in discovering an affordable Kmart alternative to a $529 cast iron casserole pot by luxe French brand Le Creuset.

According to the happy customer, the discount department store’s $29 ‘dupe’ is definitely on par with their old Le Creuset, which met an untimely end.

“After an unfortunate accident, my Le Creuset cast iron casserole pot was thrown out,” they revealed.

One happy Kmart customer shared a snap of the freshly baked sourdough they made in the $29 Le Creuset 'dupe'. Photo: Facebook.

“I was pretty sceptical when I saw this $29 Kmart dupe, but it cooks wonderfully. Today I made an incredibly fluffy & crusty sourdough. For 5% the price of the Le Creuset, it’s a worthwhile investment!” they declared.

They were so pleased that they shared a pic of a freshly baked sourdough loaf they’d made in the Kmart pot - and were even kind enough to share the recipe.

And it’s not just the one glowing report. Kmart’s cheap and cheerful 24cm deep, 4L blue pot is being hailed as ‘just as good if not better’ than its exxy cousin by many more fans.

“I've had the blue one for years never failed me,” wrote one in the comments section.

Le Creuset's pot is $529. Photo: Facebook.

“I have had Le Creuset pans etc before. I picked up one of these casserole dishes in grey a couple of weeks ago for $20 and it is just as good if not better,” said another.

One couldn’t believe that the two products were considered on par, despite their $500 price difference.

“Wow that’s awesome so a cheap knock off seems to be better lol,” they joked.

Others endorsed similar offerings from Kmart’s rival, German retailer Aldi.

Kmart's $29 cast iron casserole pot. Photo: Kmart.

“I have a couple of the Aldi ones they have as Special buys a couple of times a year. Love them,” one wrote.

“I have a Le Creuset and I also have the Aldi one which I find no different also,” another wrote.

The love for Le Creuset, however, appears to run deep with one commenter singing their pot’s praises over two decades on.

“We were fortunate to be given a Le Creuset as a wedding gift (22 years ago) and it’s fabulous!” they gushed.

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