Hilarious Aldi ice cream fail goes viral: 'What did I get?!'

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An Aldi shopper has shared her dilemma after buying a tub of ice cream during a recent shop that left her scratching her head.

Taking to a popular Aldi Facebook group, the woman shared a photo of the tub of Silver Scoop ice cream she bought that had a very confusing detail.

aldi ice cream fail chocolate or vanilla flavour
One Aldi shopper was left confused after buying this tub of ice cream. Photo: Facebook

"Don’t know what I got? Half half?" she asked fellow Aldi shoppers.

The post quickly went viral with people begging the original poster to reveal what flavour ice cream was inside.

"The suspense is driving me mad please open the lid," one person commented.

"Can you do an unboxing video for us please?" another asked.

While a third wrote: "Now I want to see what’s inside!!"


Many also tried to guess - some even admitting they had bets riding on it! - with Vanilla being the most popular choice, given it was the flavour on the main part of the tub.

"I’m assuming it’s vanilla," one person wrote.

"Wrong lid," was another person's reaction.

Thankfully the woman agreed to put everyone out of their misery and shared a short video revealing what flavour she had received - Chocolate!

"That’s what I want," she added.

aldi ice cream flavour surprise
In the end the actual flavour was revealed to be chocolate. Photo: Facebook

The reactions kept flooding in with one person even playing on Aldi's slogan.

"Good different is what you got," they wrote, while others called it a "surprise ice cream" and a "mystery box".

It's not the first time a tub of ice cream from the popular German supermarket caused a stir online. 

Late last year a mum left the internet in stitches after revealing her eight-year-old son’s X-rated quip over a tub of Aldi ice-cream.

She took to an Aldi fans page to upload a picture of the brand new tub of chocolate chip ice-cream after it had just been opened.

aldi ice cream
There's no denying the ice-cream looks like one body part in particular. Photo: Facebook

"Look mum boobies! oh god I laughed he even said it has nipples. Boys lol,” she captioned the photo.

Indeed, there’s was denying the similarity, with the close-up snap proving to be a bit hit with the Facebook community.

“That’s gold,” one person wrote, while another said: “My partner said the same thing when he opened ours lol”.

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