Aldi shoppers lose it after discovering 'rude' surprise: 'A joke'

A mum has just revealed the hilarious mistake that Aldi made with a her packet of party-sized meat pies.

The shopper shared her story on a popular Facebook group, saying she ‘had a laugh’ after discovering something peculiar inside her pie. After taking a bite, she realised that something very important was missing from the pastry.

L: Aldi sign. R: Hand holding a party sized mince pie
An Aldi shopper was surprised by the contents of her mince pie. Photo: Getty & Facebook

She shared two photos of the pie, one where it looks normal, and the other showing that the pastry shell was almost empty.

Instead of having mince and gravy filling, there seems to be a tiny dollop of gravy with barely anything else.

“How rude Aldi. Just rude. I wanted a meat party pie, to a party pastry!” the mum quipped in the caption.


After some group members misinterpreted her post and defended Aldi, she explained that she wasn’t actually upset by the error.

“I don’t actually care. Nor am I actually blaming Aldi…thought I’d post for a joke. A good laugh. I’m not going to take it to Aldi and whinge that out of a 100 party pies, one happened to skip the meat slop,” she wrote. “It’s not like I found a worm or a roach or something gross and legitimately made a serious post.”

Hand showing an open mince pie with barely any mince or gravy inside
The shopper's pie was practically empty when she opened it up. Photo: Facebook

The majority of shoppers found the post entertaining, with some even saying they prefer the pastry to the filling anyway.

“I always scrape the mince out so this is my dream pie,” one person admitted. “I throw it in the bin and eat the soggy gravy pastry.”

“Me too!!!! Hahaha there’s clearly a market for empty pies,” another agreed.

“My kid would love that!! Just the right amount of meat in it for her lol,” a third chimed in.

“I showed my 15-year-old, he got one the same yesterday. He just filled his with tomato sauce and ate it,” shared another.


Others shared that Aldi mishaps aren’t always funny, with one finding a nasty surprise inside a packet of cherries.

“I just opened two packets of glacé cherries to do some Christmas cooking, use by 07/23. Putrid inside and yellow chunky gel around the cherries. Smelt soooo bad,” a mum wrote.

“We have two empty teddy biscuit packages in the multi-pack this week. Not worth the effort to return, but annoying,” added a second.

“My sister opened a noodle snack today…and [found] an empty closed packet [inside the] packet,” another remarked.

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