Aldi's hugely popular $3.99 Christmas Special Buy returns to stores

Aldi is spreading festive joy early this year by bringing back its hugely popular jumbo Christmas wrap.

The wrapping paper, which comes in a variety of prints, is a whopping 20 metres long and only costs $3.99.

Shoppers love the gift wrap because even though it's affordable, it doesn't look or feel cheap.

Two kids with Christmas presents wrapped in Aldi wrapping paper
Aldi shoppers have been asking when Aldi's 20-metre jumbo Christmas wrapping paper is coming back. Photo: Supplied

"$3.99 for 20m of Christmas wrapping paper! That's what I'm talking about Aldi!" one happy shopper wrote.

"How good are the Aldi jumbo rolls of wrapping paper? Thicker than I was expecting for the price," another mum shared on social media.

"Normally big rolls like that are so thin and flimsy," another parent agreed.


"Not a great pic, but bless Aldi for making wrapping paper large enough to wrap my husband's gift (with some left to spare)," another woman shared.

One mum even wrapped a whole room in her house in the paper last year to give it a Christmassy feel and can't wait for the jumbo rolls to be available this year.

Left: A big Christmas present all wrapped up; Right: A room wallpapered in Aldi jumbo wrap
One Aldi shopper plastered the walls of her home with Aldi's jumbo wrap. Photo: Facebook

"Hey all, just wondering if anyone has seen any of the 20m Christmas wrapping paper on the shelves yet?" she asked. "I wrapped a room last Christmas and the big rolls were very handy. Hopefully they are an every-Christmas item.

"It's in our unrenovated part of the house so I just sticky-papered the wrapping paper to the wall. Far from perfect but it gave us joy!" she added.

When the Christmas wrap hits Aldi stores

If you're one of the many people who've been wondering when the paper will be back in stock, we're happy to report it will be back in stores this week and with more designs than ever before.

"After months of planning, we are incredibly excited to bring our Christmas seasonal and Special Buy ranges to our shelves and middle aisle in the lead up to Christmas," an Aldi spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

Aldi Christmas wrapping prints
This year's jumbo wrapping rolls come in a variety of classical Christmas prints. Photo: Supplied

"One popular product making a return to the middle aisle is our Jumbo 20m Wrap, priced at just $3.99. With incredible value across the entire Christmas range at Aldi, shoppers will be able to experience the festive cheer this year at a brilliant and affordable price!"

Aldi's $3.99 Jumbo Wrap 20m (that's just 20c per metre) will be available in assorted designs in November so keep an eagle eye out.

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