Aldi shopper confused by hilarious bread fail: 'Not my job'

An Aldi shopper has taken to Reddit to share a very odd find in their local store, leaving many social media users confused.

The Reddit user uploaded a photo of some burger buns in the store, however there was one peculiar detail on them.

Aldi sign
An Aldi shopper has been left stunned by a very confusing, but hilarious, fail in store, questioning how no one noticed it before it hit the shelves. Photo: Getty

"While at Aldi today, I saw these hamburger buns that were missing their bag...but the expiration date was stamped right on the buns," the person wrote.

Other Reddit users were just as confused with one person writing, "I like that the person who put it there said f*** it nothing wrong here."


"I touched them...they were... brittle..." the original poster shared in response.

"Honestly stockers don’t get paid enough to give a s**t lmao," another user wrote. "You get paid to put s**t where s**t goes, anything else is above your pay grade any not worth the minutia of effort tbh lol."

"The amount of steps of 'not my job' these buns went through to be neatly stacked alongside their comrades is insane," a third added.

Burger buns with expiration date printed on them
The Reddit user shared a photo of some burger buns in the store, except some had totally missed being bagged and instead had the expiration date printed on the buns themselves. Photo: Reddit

"About time people start getting serious about reducing plastic waste," someone else joked.

"You have to pay 5¢ extra for the bag," another added.

"Ya know anywhere else other than Aldi I would be confused at this," one person jokingly wrote.

Thankfully, an Aldi worker responded, writing, "So they come in on those big trays and there’s like sixteen units per tray. So when the tray is empty someone will just swoop by and grab the bath empties, so they likely didn’t even notice it.

"As I understand it the Aldi warehouses have bakeries in them that handle the breads and such, so it was processed there and whatever automated process they have to label them doesn’t care if it’s a bag or a bun it’s getting labelled. Though I’ve seen this a few dozen times it’s a pretty common issue, and a funny one. Happens mostly to hamburger and hotdog buns, but we’ve had it happen to entire loafs of bread."

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