Aldi's restock of $20 Lacura caviar cream sparks frenzy

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It caused chaos in stores the last time it was released but Aldi’s wildly popular range of Lacura caviar creams is set to hit shelves once again.

The beauty cult buys — which include day and night creams, an eye mousse, a treatment set and a serum — are part of the German retailer’s upcoming Special Buys catalogue that goes on sale on Saturday, September 19.

Aldi is restocking its wildly popular Lacura caviar cream range. Photo: Aldi.
Aldi is restocking its wildly popular Lacura caviar cream range. Photo: Aldi.

The luxury anti-ageing range is priced between $14.99 and $19.99, making it an affordable alternative to similar products by expensive brands. The day cream, in particular, has been compared with a $600+ equivalent by celeb-favourite skincare brand La Prarie.

A $30 gift set of the caviar creams sparked a frenzy among shoppers almost a year ago, leaving many outraged at Aldi’s lack of customer purchase limits and some threatening to boycott Special Buys altogether.

Ahead of the upcoming Lacura re-stock the hype is already building on social media so we may see a repeat of last year’s mayhem.


The cheap and cheerful beauty buy is already a hot topic with excited shoppers. Photo: Facebook.
The cheap and cheerful beauty buy is already a hot topic with excited shoppers. Photo: Facebook.

In a Facebook group, one shopper declared that they were preparing to ‘stock up’ on both the day and night cream.

“The intensive serum is great, that’s my #1 pick. It would be the only one I’d bother trying to get again,” wrote another.

One user was disappointed not to find the caviar mask in Aldi’s catalogue, exclaiming, “Damn, I haven't been able to get it in over a year.”

Another shared their planned Aldi visit with their friend, writing, “Meet you there!” to which they replied, “Yes, 7 am for sure.”

Aldi shoppers jostle one another during a Special Buys sale
Shoppers scrambled to get their hands on the coveted caviar cream in late 2019. Photo: Supplied

Aldi cream flogged on eBay

Aldi’s now-infamous caviar cream didn’t last long when it reappeared in May and then again in September of 2019, leaving customers up in arms.

“Well, yet again feral shoppers cleared out ALL of the Caviar product in one swoop just minutes after opening and walked out with it all leaving nothing behind for anyone else,” one irate shopper shared on Facebook at the time.

“My son got crushed today by the nutters who separated him and me to get their creams. Crazy!” reported another.

One listing is asking for $300 for one box. Photo: eBay
A $30 gift set of the caviar creams was for sale on eBay for over $300 in December 2019. Photo: eBay

After it sold out once more in December, the highly sought-after product popped up for re-sale on eBay at up to ten times its retail price.

One ad for a caviar cream gift set appeared at 9:30 am the same day it hit stores, meaning the savvy shopper had purchased, priced and uploaded it within just an hour of the store opening at 8.30 am.

Despite widespread customer complaints, Aldi doubled down on its policy of not implementing an item limit on customers, and have not commented on the case this time around.

“We are not in the practice of restricting the volume of items sold to our customers and our focus will remain on correctly balancing customer demand with stock availability,” a spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle at the time.

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