'Lockdown survival food': The $9 Aldi item people can't get enough of

If there’s one thing we’ve been doing a lot more of in lockdown, it’s eating to our heart's content, and if you’re on the same train as us, then you’ll no doubt want to hear about these gems from Aldi.

Called everything from ‘superb’ to ‘the best’ and even ‘COVID lockdown survival food’, Aldi’s $9 pack of gyoza have been a major hit with people online.

Aldi gyoza
Aldi fans have gone wild for these $9 gyoza. Photo: Facebook

While the gyoza aren’t new to the store, a post on a Facebook has reignited everyone’s love of the food, with people swapping notes on the best way to cook them.

It’s no surprise they’re winners with foodies, as they come in at just $9 for 26 gyoza.

“I think I’ve. Ought a million of these .My son loves them covid lockdown survival food,” one person wrote.

Aldi prawn gyoza
The pack includes 29 prawn gyoza. Photo: Facebook

Another person said they are ‘value for money’ and are simply ‘delicious’.

Others pointed out the best way to cook the gyoza to make sure you get the best flavour out of them.

Aldi Gyoza pan fried
People have been debating how they should be cooked online. Photo: Facebook
Aldi gyoza in a pan
Many said to pan fry them and then steam them with some water. Photo: Facebook

One person said they put a splash of water in a bowl with them and pop them in the microwave.

Another person pan fries them with sesame oil and a ¼ cup of water so they steam and cook through.

Aldi prawn gyoza and pork dumplings
Aldi also sells por dumplings. Photo: Facebook
Aldi praw dumplings cooked
There's no denying they look delicious. Photo: Facebook

“First you have to pan fry them on the two flat sides, so they get some color and brown a little. After this you put a small amount, around 1/2-1/3 cup of water to soften them and cover with a lid. Then take the lid off, and when all the water has dissolved then it is ready,” another person wrote.

It’s yet another feather in Aldi’s cap this month, after their pots and pans widely considered quality dupes of the high-end Le Creuset cast iron cooking range hit shelves to the delight of shoppers last week.

Yesterday, Aldi fans also raved about the Aldi Visage Rotating Hair Volume Styler Brush, which claims to dry and style hair in one step.

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