ALDI's ‘ridiculous’ bulk buy solution baffles shoppers

Aldi was one of the many supermarkets cleaned out in March’s coronavirus bulk-buying frenzy, and now it looks like they have a product designed to appease shoppers still desperate to stock up on essentials.

Shoppers were surprised earlier this week to spot a number of massive plain brown packages stacked in the Special Buys aisles, almost looking like stock hadn’t been unpacked before been dumped on the shop floor.

Photo of bulk flour and sugar stock in Aldi Special Buy aisle in May 2020 possible response to panic buying in coronavirus epidemic March 2020
A mum's snap of the bizarre items prompted a heated debate about the supermarket's bulk buying policy. Photo: Supplied

A closer looks, however, revealed the shopping giant is selling mammoth 12kg packs of essentials like flour and sugar because... well, when in the midst of a global pandemic right?

A photograph of the very austere-looking packets was shared to an Aldi Facebook group, where it prompted a frenzied debate around why the supermarket was introducing the bulk-buying friendly products now.

“Anyone else’s Aldi have an insane amount of plain flour in store? Each bag was 12.5 kg!” the snap was captioned.

‘A bit late’ Shoppers say bulk items missed the panic buying boat

Many couldn’t help but point out that with coronavirus restrictions being eased, and panic buying slowing to a trickle, the budget retailer may have missed the boat with the new, huge products.

“Good lord... need flour still??” one lady joked

“They came a bit late to the bulk flour party,” another pointed out.

“They were a bit late for the flour shortage!” another agreed.

Others said the store was preempting frenzied shopping in the future, and admitted they might pick up a packet in a bid to stock up early themselves.

“I would get one so at least when the next panic happens [you’re] safe lol!” she wrote.

Shoppers say bulk essentials ‘ridiculous’

Images of bulk packets of flour in Aldi
Another snap showed plenty more flour available. Photo: Facebook

Others slammed the product as ‘ridiculous’ arguing the mammoth portions were overkill for the average household.

“This is just ridiculous no one but a restaurant needs this,” one unimpressed shopper wrote.

Some even pointed out the price was more expensive than the supermarket’s typical 1kg bag of flour with the bulk working out to $1.25 per kilo.

Aldi has been contacted for comment.

With photos showing plenty of stock available it’s a stark contrast to other Special Buys which are known to clear out in record time.

An Aldi Facebook group erupted into a major Special Buys debate earlier this week after a sneaky snap of a gentleman making off with what some thought was more than his fair share of stand mixers surfaced.

The debacle kicked off after an irate mum shared a surreptitious photo she captured of a man snapping up not five, but six of this week’s Stand Mixer Special Buys to a mum’s group where debate over bulk buying and purchase limits continues to rage.

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