Aldi's $6 frozen dessert making waves online: 'We demolished it!'

A frozen Aldi dessert is making some serious waves online after a video singing its sweet praises was shared to TikTok.

The $6 dessert is a Greek ‘Chocolopita’, a pastry filled with Nutella-style chocolate hazelnut praline, that from the looks of it will leave any and every shopper more than satisfied.

Frozen chocolopita dessert in oven TikTok video
A video showing off the 'chocolopita' has gone viral on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/mernasfoodfomo

Sold in a four-pack, the frozen goodies are coiled pastries that can simply be popped in the oven for half an hour and emerge ready to inhale.

Shared to TikTok via a how-to video made by user Merna who goes by mernasfoodfomo on the platform, the delicious pastries have left thousands drooling, with almost 4,000 likes on the video.

Merna instructs users to cook the pastries in a fan-forced oven for 30 minutes on 180-degrees.

Image of $6 Aldi dessert cut in half in TikTok video
The scrumptious pastries left viewers drooling. Photo: TikTok/ Getty Images

Once done, the pastries should be golden, flaky and buttery.

Slicing them in half, the home chef shows off the delectable hazelnut praline filling spilling out, advising anyone who wants to try the dessert to pair it with ice cream.

“It’s very sweet and rich,” she warns.

Taking to the comments, one delighted dessert lover added that not only is the budget-friendly dessert delicious, but it’s also suitable for almost all diets.

Image of chocolopita dessert praline filling
The desserts are vegan and dairy-free meaning almost any shopper can enjoy them. Photo: TikTok/mernasfoodfomo

“This one is vegan/ dairy-free friendly too for anyone interested,” the woman wrote.

Others couldn’t believe how scrumptious the frozen treats looked.

“OMG,” was all one could manage.

“Greeks do it better,” another promised.

“Looks yummy!” was one takeaway.

Watch the full video:

Aldi treats going viral

It’s not the first Aldi treat to get some online attention of late.

The ‘chocolopita’ is an ‘Urban eats’ special, the same branding that dishes up the now-famous $9 frozen gyozas that caused a huge stir when they hit shelves earlier this year.

It’s not just the edible goodies that have customers drooling, however. Back in May, their pots and pans widely considered quality dupes of the high-end Le Creuset cast iron cooking range caused a near-frenzy when they hit the Special Buy aisle.

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