'Cashed in on the crazy': Customers rage as Aldi cancels toilet paper Special Buy

Image of Aldi 48 pack toilet paper and Handee Ultra paper towels cancelled for Wednesday's Special Buy
Aldi's toilet paper and paper towel special buys. photo: Aldi

Aldi’s big Special Buy drawcard this week was supposed to be a jumbo pack of loo roll as Aussie shoppers continue to panic buy the toilet essential, but now the supermarket has cancelled the sale.

Keen-eyed shoppers may have noticed the paper towels and toilet rolls mysteriously disappear from Aldi’s online Special Buy catalogue earlier this morning, and now the supermarket has confirmed the items won’t be on offer as part of the weekly bargains.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Aldi announced both the Emporia Toilet Paper 3ply 48 pack and the Handee Ultra paper towel Special Buys had been rolled out earlier than expected, and as such won’t be on offer for Wedesday’’s bargain buys as promised.

Aldi Australia Facebook post cancelling toilet paper special
Aldi posted a statement to Facebook. Photo: Facebook/ALDI.Australia

“Due to unexpected demand on certain products over the past week, our Emporia toilet paper and Handee Ultra paper towel Special Buys were made available in stores earlier than the intended on sale date (Wednesday, March 11),” the supermarket wrote.

“As a result, these Special Buys will only be available in limited ALDI stores. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Aldi has been contacted for comment.

Shoppers furious

Customers comment on Aldi cancellation
Customers have flooded the post with a range of reactions, most furious. Photo: Facebook/ALDI.Australia

Shoppers have taken to the store’s social media post, furious over the decision which they say cheats those customers who held off for the special.

“So you put it out early to cash in on the crazy.... but at least we would have had a chance today with a special buy,” one woman wrote. “Very disappointing.”

“So we waited till tomorrow to get screwed. Thanks Aldi. Great job,” another wrote.

“Is that fair to those going to do their normal Wednesday ALDI shop...” another wondered.

Others praised the decision, thanking Aldi for what they saw as a choice to curb the panicked reaction to the COVID-19 virus.

“Well that makes perfect sense - much safer that way,” one wrote.

“Great call!” another agreed.

Shoppers already trepidatious before Special Buy cancelled

Woman choosing a dairy products at supermarket
Shoppers were already nervous ahead of the Special Buy. Photo: Getty Images

The Emporia Toilet Paper 3ply 48 pack was set to go on sale for just $14.99 from tomorrow and with examples of knives being pulled in toilet paper aisles, shoppers were already expressing serious concerns over what would have unfolded if the sale went ahead.

“Goodness… this week’s specials,” one woman wrote.

“What a shame that most of us will probably miss out as all the hoarders and panic buyers will camp outside the stores and load up before the sun is up!”

“There will be a stampede for these bargains,” another agreed.

Already stores are reporting wild behaviour from shoppers desperate to get their hands on the item.

“We experienced a rampage when we opened and was cleared out of toilet paper in half an hour,” one wrote.

Still on offer are bargain prices on Gumption, paper towels, wipes, grout cleaner and everything and anything you can think of if you’re looking to put your back into a deep clean this week.

Toilet paper limits imposed

Aldi customers in a shopping centre at the Maroubra Junction in Sydney, Australia, 19 July 2015. German supermarket chain Aldi is expanding with now even more stores in the country. The competition has even tried taking a swipe at the chain's reputation, without success. Photo: Photo: Frank Walker/dpa | usage worldwide   (Photo by Frank Walker/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Aldi has cancelled the Special Buy, after rolling out the rolls earlier than expected to meet demand. Photo: Getty Images

Aldi earlier stepped in with a strict one pack per customer limit on toilet paper sales, compared with Coles and Woolworths four-pack limit.

“To help improve access to toilet paper for our customers, we have limited the purchase of all toilet paper lines to one pack per customer,” they wrote yesterday.

They urged customers to keep their heads and humanity intact while stocking up.

“We ask our customers to remember to show kindness, empathy and calmness when shopping with us,” they said.

Coronavirus has been sweeping through the world since first popping up in Wuhan, China, and has sparked panic in many.

Scientists have urged people to remain calm and offered guidelines on how to reduce your risk of infection.

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