This air fryer recipe will give you perfect low-calorie chips: 'Amazing'

Let's face it, didn't we all first look into buying an air fryer so we could have hot chips without all the calories?

But these days, basic potato chips don't keep us satisfied.

They need to be soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside while packing a flavour punch.

All this and low cal, and we've hit the hot chip jackpot.

Perfect looking air fryer french fries scattered with herbs on a wooden bench.
These air fryer fries look amazing. Photo: TikTok/@cooklikeimbook

That's exactly what private chef Calvin Kang has done by using his air fryer to create the perfect french fry.

His thrice cooked chips come out perfectly crispy every time.


He first boils the potatoes chips, then cooks them in the air fryer for seven minutes, before turning them (or shaking them to turn – way cooler) and cooking them for another seven minutes.

The resulting chips have just 186 calories, 5g protein, 44g carbs and no fat!

It's no wonder more than a million people have watched his video in just three days!

Step-by-step images of air fryer french fries, from peeling a potato, to boiling, seasoning, air frying and serving.
Calvin steps through how to make perfect crispy air fryer fries every time. Photo: TikTok/@cooklikeimbook

"French fries and losing weight! Take my money," one follower said.

"Saving this recipe!" another added.

"Running to my air fryer right now," a third added.

Calvin explains that boiling the chips first provides a better consistency, but "you can skip it if you’re lazy".

Here is Calvin's super simple recipe:

  • 250g potato

  • salt

  • pepper

  • paprika

Cut the potatoes into chips, boil for four minutes.

Dry the chips on a paper towel before putting them into the air fryer with a spray of oil, salt, pepper and paprika.

Air fry at 390° for seven minutes.

Shake, then cook for another seven minutes.

Fans were thrilled with the result.

"Saw this while I was going to make lunch, so I made them. They are amazing! Will be making again and again," one enthused.

Calvin, who lives in North Carolina, grew up in a Korean-American family "where having food with community was, and still is, an instrumental part of life".

And his online community has built to more than a million followers on TikTok, with 43,000 on Instagram.

"I’m living for your videos and recipes!" one said.

With a background as a chef and a degree in exercise science, it's no wonder so many people follow him to get inspiration and his recipes.

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