The air fryer cleaning hack going viral: 'Feels illegal?'

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If you have an air fryer that you use on a regular basis, you may be interested in this cleaning hack to get it as clean as new.

The tip, from British based home hack TikTok influencer Tanya Home Inspo, shows how you can use the fryers own built-in cooking system to clean the air fryer with just the addition of water and detergent.

And with 3.6million views, she has certainly hit a chord with air fryer users!

Tanya shows this quick and easy hack for a sparkling clean air fryer. Photo: tiktok/@tanyahomeinspo
Tanya shows this quick and easy hack for a sparkling clean air fryer. Photo: tiktok/@tanyahomeinspo

"This hack has been going around and I just had to give it a try. I'm all about adopting things into my routine that will make my life easier," Tanya said on her Instagram page. 

"This method of cleaning an air fryer is easy. All you need is to fill it up with water, dish soap and let the fryer work its magic. You only need to use it for 3 minutes or so and it will loosen up all the grease. Lastly, give it a good rinse and voila it's like new," she instructed.

Though she did offer a quick warning: "Disclaimer be sure to read your manual before trying this," she said, as some air fryers warn against putting water in them.


Fans were quick to comment on how ingenious this method for a quick clean up was. 

"Just done this. Worked so well I couldn't believe it," one person said. "My mum just got one I can’t wait to try this. Thank you," another fan added.

And when another said: "Why does this feel illegal?," they were met with over 6000 likes!

Many on Tanya's TikTok page did remind followers to check their individual air fryers instructions in case this can't be done.

"My air fryer instructions specifically say not to put water in it," one concerned fan commented. "It literally says NOT to put any water in an air fryer," another added. Though Tanya points out that her model doesn't say have that warning and that you can put water in many air fryers.  

Others wondered whether it was a waste of time saying: "Or just wash it in the sink, it takes less than 5 minutes!" But as Tanya pointed out, unless the commenter was going to do her air fryer in 5 minutes, she would use this hack to save her the time and effort!

And we're all about saving time and effort when it comes to cleaning!

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