Zoë Foster Blake's Italian holiday boating disaster: 'Nightmare'

Zoë Foster Blake has detailed her Italian holiday 'nightmare' as she travels around the islands with her girlfriends.

On Thursday, Zoë posted a video to her Instagram Stories of her catching a boat to the Capri island. However, not everything went to plan.

Sharing a photo of herself sitting on the boat, she captioned: "Things were absolutely perfect."

She then posted a video of their stunning surroundings, revealing it was right before she dropped her phone into the sea.

"0/10 would recommend," she said.

Zoë Foster Blake on a boat ride.
Zoë Foster Blake revealed the dropped her phone into the sea during their boating disaster. Source: Instagram/Zotheysay

If things weren't already on shaky ground, the skincare entrepreneur then revealed two of her friends also vomited from seasickness.

She said however they all got over it when they reached the island, sharing another photo of the stunning view.

"I have been dreaming of this. All of lockdown. This," she said.

Her fans sympathised with the boating disaster, with many sharing their own stories.

"Mine fell into the sea on sail Croatia and while it was a nightmare it was probably one of the best things to happen to me, I’ve never been so present in the moment!" one commented.

"Oh no! How frustrating!" another said.

"Your phone!! Think I would have dived in after it," a third added.

Zoë Foster Blake's friends seasick.
Zoë Foster Blake's girls' trip did not go quite as planned. Source: Instagram/Zotheysay

Zoë has been sharing updates of her girls' trip, with her husband Hamish Blake also tagging along.

"I’m lucky enough to be on my wife’s belated 40th Girls Trip to Italy and don’t worry I know exactly where I stand (off camera, 3 metres away with the sun behind me, taking at least 5 options per photo, per phone)," he joked on his own Instagram account.

Zoë also posted a photo with her girl gang while they celebrated on the Amalfi coast.

"Back when I was a sweet, covid-ignorant baby in 2019, I obnoxiously booked my 40th in Greece, and begged my best friends to come," the captioned the photo.

"Happily, amazingly, gratefully, we are finally on That Trip. It’s a slight remix, (new country, two years older, new appreciation for everything) and as I dreamed and anxiously planned and fully anticipated: this is a total Once In a Lifer, and I can’t believe we’re here together. This is school camp, 10x’d. I LOVE THESE WOMEN."

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