The Absolute Best Beer To Pair With Sauteed Green Beans

sauteed green beans on a plate
sauteed green beans on a plate - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

The best things about the arrival of summer are the backyard barbecues and all the fresh veg that's in season...and not necessarily in that order. Canned or frozen veggies might be fine, but there's just nothing that compares to fresh — especially when it comes to green beans. The snap and crunch are unparalleled, and there are a number of ways to seriously upgrade your green beans. We're not just talking about sauteeing them to perfection, we're also talking about pairing them with the perfect beer.

We went right to the experts for this one and spoke with expert Felipe Diaz. As the bar manager and sommelier at Zingerman's Roadhouse, he's used to coming up with unique ways for customers to get the most out of their dining experience — and that includes coming up with beer and food pairings in much the same way others might pair wine with food.

He told us, "Sauteed green beans is one of my favorite sides, especially with a little garlic and shallot. The crisp brightness of the green beans with a touch of sweet earthiness from the onions and garlic call for something with a touch of fruit, so I'll reach for a New England style IPA, such as the M43 from Old Nation." What is it about this particular type of beer that makes it pair so well with this delicious side?

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New England IPAs Are Hoppy Beers With A Fruity Flavor

pint glass New England IPA
pint glass New England IPA - PavelKant/Shutterstock

Along with the rise of the craft beer movement and the ever-increasing variety of styles available, there's been an equal increase in the seriousness behind pairing beer with various foods for the most flavor. As with wine, there are some general, widely followed rules, starting with the idea that the stronger the flavors of the food are, the stronger the beer should be. It makes sense, then, that the light earthiness and the freshness of sauteed green beans would go really well with an equally light and fresh beer.

And that's where the New England IPA comes in. In spite of the name, these beers are characterized by an almost surprisingly tropical vibe. They're pale and hazy, and while they're so heavy on the hoppiness that they can be a dealbreaker for some, pairing them with the right food can take a mildly acceptable experience to a delicious one.

New England IPAs tend to be not as bitter as one might expect from an IPA, and they deliver on the sort of smoothness that's pretty perfect for hot summer afternoons — precisely when you're serving up sides of fresh vegetables. These beers also have a mild fruitiness working for them, which complements sauteed green beans pretty ideally. New England IPAs are also great alongside grilled and barbecued meats, which makes them a must-have for summertime dinners.

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