Here's What Costco's New Stainless Steel Food Trays Are Actually Used For

thali tray loaded with food
thali tray loaded with food - Sanawan/Shutterstock

Costco fans are excited about the bulk store's new 6-compartment stainless steel food trays that come in a pack of four for $18.99. They are dishwasher safe and made by an Indian-owned brand, Verka, which also sells disposable versions of the tray. While Reddit users and people on TikTok appear confused as to what these Costco compartment food trays are used for, they're actually meant for serving Thali, a delicious Indian staple.

Thali means "large plate" in Hindi and is a complete meal made up of several parts. For example, in a single platter, you can get naan, roti, or rice, a vegetable dish like aloo gobi (Indian-style cauliflower and potatoes), a refreshing raita (or yogurt condiment), and perhaps a pickled vegetable, a lentil dish, and a curry. The different dishes of Thali, however, don't always go onto one tray; they can also be separated into small dishes or bowls but are all served together on one large platter.

The components of Thali are meant to be separated from each other, and they give you a wonderful sensory experience while enjoying different dishes. At the same time, all of the dishes of Thali work together, balancing each other out. For instance, the raita helps temper the heat from the curry or spicier Indian soups.

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Use Costco's New Stainless Steel Food Trays To Serve Thali, During Camping, Or For Korean Barbecue

Thali tray inside Costco
Thali tray inside Costco - TikTok / Costcomarkhameast

While we know what Costco's new stainless steel food trays are actually used for now, this doesn't mean you can't use them for other purposes. These food trays can come in handy during your next camping adventure. Use the trays to keep your bread, veggies, pudding, and other foods separate. Plus, the tray enables you to easily hold your food on your lap when you don't have a table handy. Clean up will be easy, too, and the trays are easy to transport, wash, and store.

These food trays can also be handy at outdoor food festivals or night markets, where seating and tables are scarce. One tray can hold all of the goodies you want to try at the festival. Find a place to sit, put the filled tray on your lap, and enjoy all of the delicious eats you found.

Additionally, you can serve cuisines from other cultures using these nifty trays. Imagine enjoying delicious Korean barbecue at home served on these trays. With six compartments, the tray can hold different banchan (Korean side dishes), sauces, rice, and grilled meats.

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