Costco Fans Are Begging for This International Food Court Item To Come to the US

"It would be such a hit in the States."

<p>Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images</p>

Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Costco shoppers have a love/hate relationship with the warehouse club’s food court. Most love it, but when Costco makes a change, the hate part of the relationship can rear its ugly head. When Costco ripped strawberry ice cream cups out of hungry shoppers' hands and replaced them with chocolate ice cream cups, food court diners let Costco know it was a “​Big mistake!”

Last year, Costco ditched the long-time fan favorite twisted churro (but did they really?). Fans didn’t immediately like the cookie that replaced it—until people crumbled the cookies into the ice cream cups, making a DIY ice cream topping. While some fans thought the quality of the churros had gone downhill and were glad to see them go, others felt the disappearance of the beloved food court treat would alter their whole shopping experience.

Needless to say, Costco shoppers have strong opinions about the menu items, which vary considerably. However, many U.S. shoppers share one common opinion: International Costco food courts are stocked with must-have offerings.

Hey Costco, Where Are Our Chicken Strips?

A recent Reddit thread showed a photo of one such Canadian Costco food court offering. It had the famous $1.50 hot dog. It also had pizza, cookies, and ice cream sold at Costco in the United States. But it had two items we don’t have here in the States—fried breaded chicken strips and French fries.

U.S. Costco shoppers experienced immediate FOMO upon seeing what they couldn’t have.

“Chicken and fries would be such a hit in the States,” said one commenter, and a Canadian Costco shopper replied, “You guys don’t have chicken strips down there? Legit the best thing on the menu."

Why Can’t US Costcos Have What Canada Does?

“Why…doesn’t Costco USA have french fries or chicken strips?! I would kill for that!” another (hopefully hyperbolic) commenter said.

As someone on the thread pointed out, one reason may be that U.S. Costco food courts would have to add deep fryers, which they don’t currently have.

The chicken strips and the fries are each sold separately, and if you wish your Costco sold them, this next bit might make you even more envious. The French fries are sold plain, or you can pay extra for a side of gravy and cheese curds to make the Canadian specialty, poutine.

One Canadian commenter described the fries as “arguably the best fries out there” because they’re “perfectly salted and steaming hot every time,” pouring salt in the wound.

Another person summed up what everyone else was thinking:  “We need to use the power of this [Reddit] sub to get chicken strips and fries on the U.S. menu (and poutine, too!).”

And if that doesn’t work, who will start the picketing line outside every Costco in the United States until we get crispy chicken strips and perfectly salted, hot French fries every time?

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