The Seasoned Mayo That Makes An Easy Sauce For Fried Fish

fried fish
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Fried fish is a perfect combination of textures, taking a tender, flaky filet and coating it with a crunchy batter to provide the ultimate mouthfeel. There are many fun ways to season fried fish and even more options for dressing. Tartar and remoulade are two types of sauces great for dipping, and you can make the most out of your fried fish with a simple mixture that straddles both: mayonnaise and Old Bay seasoning are ideal for dipping fish sticks or saucing up a fish sandwich.

Despite their differences, the biggest commonality between tartar sauce and remoulade is that both are usually made starting with mayonnaise as the base. Naturally, pairing mayo with a hearty shake of Old Bay is an easy and tasty sauce to suit your fried fish.

Temperature-wise, a dip of cool mayo as a condiment makes a melty contrast to a hot piece of freshly fried fish. Further, the mixture of fried fish oils with the oil content of mayonnaise is a complementary parallel of fats. Amping up the factor of mild-mannered mayo with Old Bay, itself a seasoning blend synonymous with seafood, only enhances the delicious fish flavors. Whipping up a batch of Old Bay seasoned mayonnaise is super simple.

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Making Old Bay Mayo

Old Bay seasoning
Old Bay seasoning - The Image Party/Shutterstock

It's easy enough to grab Old Bay seasoning from the store, but if you prefer to craft your own spice blends, you can easily replicate the flavors with a homemade Old Bay seasoning recipe. Stand out seasonings include cayenne, cardamom, and celery salt. Taking into consideration how much fish you're working with, you can determine the right amount of Old Bay mayo you'll need.

Generally, you will want to start with around ½ to one full cup of mayonnaise and mix between one teaspoon and one tablespoon of Old Bay, depending on preference. Additional ingredients can include lemon juice, lemon zest, chives, and dill for tartness and earthiness. If you like it spicy, stir in a few drops of your favorite hot sauce to taste.

While mixing mayo and Old bay is a fantastic dip or topping for fried fish, the classic seasoning has other unique uses. For example, Old Bay brings a dose of boldness to your potato salad, which makes a great side dish to your fish fry. Looking at other side dishes, you can add Old Bay seasoning to your pickling spices to kick your gherkins up a few notches. If you find yourself around Maryland looking for a post-fish-fry dessert, you might even try hunting down a rare scoop of Old Bay ice cream. From start to finish, Old Bay is the optimal spice for sprucing up your fried fish, making a marvelous mayo, and so much more.

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