Abbie Chatfield slams paparazzi for taking topless snaps: 'Scum'

The reality TV star has condemned the photographer's 'foul' act.

Abbie Chatfield has come out swinging after she caught paparazzi taking photos of herself and her friend while sunbathing topless. She shared a snap of the photographer hiding in the bushes at the beach on Instagram.

The podcaster was with her friend Lucy Washington, also known as singer Lucy Lucy, who was just as appalled by the man’s ‘creepy’ behaviour. The star also revealed that this wasn’t the first time something like this had occurred.

L: Abbie Chatfield looks at the camera in a bikini. R: A photographer hiding in the bushes
Abbie Chatfield has hit out after catching paparazzi taking photos of her topless. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

“Can you scum paparazzi talentless loser leeches stop taking photos of me at the beach with my tits out?” she wrote in the caption.

“I don’t give a s**t if the public see my nipples, clearly [because] I’m in public [right now], but for a gross loser freak man weasel to make money off the patriarchal idea that my nipples are salacious is BULLS**T.

“This happens FAR TOO OFTEN. F**K THE F**K OFF. THANKS,” she finished.


Lucy Lucy added a comment about her experience on Abbie’s post, writing: “Can confirm I did not give this man consent to take photos of me topless at the beach with you either. EVEN CREEPIER THAT WHEN I LOOKED AT HIM HE RAN AWAY!!!!! LIKE…EW????”

L: Abbie Chatfield sitting on a bed in a black bikini. R: Topless Abbie Chatfield in the sea
The star often shares scantily clad snaps on Instagram, but made it clear she didn't want paparazzi to profit off her body. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

The radio host was quickly supported by her celebrity pals, with Bachelor host Osher Günsberg even recognising the man.

“Ah that f**kin’ guy. He’s never seen my nipples but he’s equally hidden in bushes with a long lens taking photos of other people’s children playing (ie: Wolfie and me), which in no universe is an ok thing and would get the cops called quick smart normally, but apparently when it’s a news outlet it’s ok. It’s pretty f**king far from ok,” Osher commented.

“This needs to be made illegal,” influencer Katie Lolas wrote, while Home and Away’s Emily Weir added that it was “not okay”.

“That is foul I am so sorry,” comedian Samantha Andrew remarked.

Abbie Chatfield in a Verbose green top
Abbie didn't hold back with her scathing post. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

When asked by fans how paparazzi keep tabs on her, Abbie said they “follow her”. Former Bachelor star Matt Agnew elaborated on this, saying that photographers know where most celebrities live.

“Most of them have figured out where you live and then follow you when you leave the house until you’re doing something they can shoot and sell,” he commented.


Her fans also fiercely defended Abbie’s right to relax on a beach in peace.

“How is this not illegal and why is he not being charged? You shouldn’t be able to take a pic of anyone that is nude without consent,” one pointed out.

“So they can take and post nude pics of a celebrity and it’s totally fine but it’s called revenge porn if you personally know them and is illegal? How is that even possible?” another asked.

“How the f**k is being a paparazzi still considered a job? Or socially/culturally acceptable? It’s f**king gross and exploitative,” a third added.

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